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Monday, October 19, 2015

Yep, A Chilly 5.0 Miles - RunLog 10-19-15

Okay, the leaves are definitely falling and guess what along with that the temps are making that head first leap down the thermometer. This morning was 23*F with a bit of a wind chill when we got out for Bennie's first walk and then by the time 9:15 AM rolled around, it had climbed to 27*F, with the feels-like temp being around 22*F.

Which is chilly.

Which also means that I ran in full winter clothes for the first time this year.

You know: Long running pants, short-sleeve tech shirt, long sleeve tech shirt, running jacket, winter hat over the ears, gloves and nothing came off to be carried or pocketed, hell I didn't even unzip the jacket even a little.

So the weather is definitely getting chilly and getting us ready for what is to come.

As far as the run goes, it was the usual Bennie run, start, trot along, stop, vehicle goes by run like hell, stop, trot along, vehicle goes by go like hell again, vehicle goes by the other direction, slow down to see if we are turning around to chase it. A real steady pace today.

Sometimes I like to show the Garmin site stats, to show how a Bennie run looks with all the starting/stopping.

Yeah, the hammies were not impressed yesterday during the race and are still not real happy today, but seemed to take what we were doing with grudging "okay let's get this over with attitude".

I ran in the Pearl Izumi N2/V1's and they just felt really comfortable to run in. No hot spots, the right foot didn't bother, the right knee wasn't complaining and the N2's...well they just felt fine. I plan to keep running in them to see how things go.

So far I am glad that in my great shoe purges this spring and summer that I kept these. The Pearl Izumi N2's were a shoe that worked really well for me in 2014 and now that I remember the whole story of why I stopped running in them back then, (that too many new shoes in the fire that needed to be run in and the old shoes like the N2's were in the way of me trying out the new stuff.  Which is definitely not an issue now.

After this morning's 5.0 miler, I have a sneaking suspicion that the N2's will be just fine for a while and better than anything else that I have left around the house to run in.

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  1. Yup ... 21F here, but fortunately the weekend winds had subsided so it was just chilly and I could just up my dressing by one level (heavier hat, mid-weight gloves).

    Glad you're good after the race, and as for winter ... well, something we have do deal with once a year like it or not :)

  2. Thanks Mike, it wouldn't be as bad if it was only once a year (well if you count October thru April as one) ;-), but there are a lot of days between now and the end of April to be called winter weather hehehehe, but I do know what you mean. If we choose to live up in cold climes, gotta whine about the weather, errr winter.

    1. haha - I didn't even notice my phrasing when I wrote that about 'once a year' :)


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