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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Pretty Damn Good Week - Week In Review 11-15-15

The week that was.

I ran trails a couple of times, relaxed a little, remembered why I loved my old N1 Trails enjoyed running and even took a day off.

We did get the 2005 Nissan Maxima and it seems like it will be a decent vehicle for what we want it to do. Then I took Thursday off from work and drove it to Portland and back in the rain...it had very good manners and was solid driving. Yes, we expect a few repairs since it is a 10+-year-old vehicle, but hopefully nothing major.

The old MacBoo Pro finally died and I ordered a Samsung Series 5-550 Chromebook, to replace it as my secondary device for a very low price. I still have my ASUS Flip Windows 10 machine as my primary laptop, but since I am online so much I like having a back-up and since I am thoroughly enmeshed in the Google ecosystem at home and work, it made sense to get another Chromebook. Now to see if it stays as my back-up or if I just start using it as my primary, after the initial newness wears off.

My favorite photo from the week:

Bennie looking for the Troll under the bridge


My training last week consisted of:

It started out really good

Monday - A nice trail run over at Inland Hospital, which gave a great test in a variety of conditions for my new N1 Trails - they did great. While the pace was a lot slower than I do on the roads, it was still a tougher run. I go slower in wet leaves, especially on single track. Bennie and I enjoyed being in the woods.

Tuesday - A faster-paced 5.0 miler with Bennie where we did pretty good in a couple of places and then an easy run to go get a new to us Nissan Maxima

Wednesday - Recovery run to the Town Office with Bennie, a couple of faster places, but for the most part just easy running.

Thursday - A morning trail run over at the Viles Arboretum with Bennie, again a little slower on the trails, but it was nice being able to explore and not have the shoes get in the way whether I was on the trails or tar section. Then I went to Planet Fitness to use the treadmill, I planned on running a little faster, but not race paces. I ended up running pretty decent, but I also found out that the N2 Roads for some reason bother my left upper foot and I needed to change to the H3's to finish the workout. They did better than I thought they would, but I could tell they are heavier and wouldn't want to have to do a race or track workout in them.

Friday - The legs were a little tired from Thursday's runs, but we did pretty good coming down Bartlett Hill then resumed the recovery run.

Saturday - DNR. I needed a day off, more for being crispy than anything to do with the body. It was a lazy day.

Sunday - Did 6.1 with Bennie, the first couple were a little faster than I expected, but we lost the steam, when a Yellow Lab came out and visited across from the Town Office. After that we just didn't have "it" and slowed down a lot. Then I ran 3+ alone, with the only purpose to get over 40 miles for the week.

My running challenges and goals?

Still thinking about what I want to do for my running goals for 2016. I have done all the goal chasing I am going to do in 2015 (unless I get that 2,015 miles or something else by accident) and I have gone back to relaxing, doing some base work with a once a week treadmill session to keep the fast-twitch fibers around for a little bit longer. Here are my initial thoughts for what my 2016 goals might be:

  • Keep going after that post-55 5K PR - a good possibility and continue to chase sub 20:00
  • Run a fast (for me) half marathon sub 1:35:00
  • Run more trails and do more trail races - there are plenty in the area.


Another week over 40 miles.

Also running in shoes that you can put on and forget about does make a pretty nice difference too. I know that I am not hesitant to go for those longer run now, whereas before I had to choose between my right foot hurting or my hamstrings barking too loudly and now the feet do not hurt and my hammies are only grumpy - both are big differences and moving back to PI has been a good thing for my running.
I can't say it any better than I did last week, it has made a big difference in my running.


New gear - None

New Shoes - None

Shoes I ran in last week:
So I have completed my move back to Pearl Izumi running shoes. The N2's are tired and I need to replace them with either a pair of N1 Roads or N0's for my speed work / race day shoes and I will be done getting running shoes for a while. I wonder which Santa will bring me? 

Any suggestions which would be better the N0 or N1 Road?

Pearl Izumi N2 V1 - I can tell they are starting to get tired, they bothered my left upper foot, I have a feeling it might have something todo with the LockLaces, but I am noticing that the wear is showing more on the bottoms and while they still have a few more miles on them...I wonder how many and if it is worth taking a chance on running too much more in them. I will get them to 400 miles and then think about it some more.

Pearl Izumi H3 V1 - I got these as closeout specials from Sierra Trading Post for a song. They have become my primary trainers since I am not attempting to run hard or fast outside for a while. The more I run in them, the more I like them. No, they are not race day shoes, but at the same time for putting in the miles, they are exactly what I am looking for.

I like them - a lot. They run quiet and I don't worry about them hurting my feet. My first run impressions.

Pearl Izumi N1 Trails v1 - I have had two runs in them and both runs reminded me of all the good things I remember about my first pair and maybe moving down to the 8.5's have resolved most (but not all) of the issue with the gap between the bottom of the tongue and the upper, but it is better than the other pair - a lot better.

So far pretty I am running pretty damn good in these shoes, now I feel a lot better about nasty weather running and hopefully can get out for a trail run or two before the snow/ice gets here.


No changes here and what I said the last couple of week still applies
Someday, I would love to run without any issues in the hamstrings, but at the same time I don't see them getting a whole lot better. I know my hamstrings probably will never be great or even decent, they are doing - well good enough that I can run with them, but I know that I have to walk a fine line between going fast and not irritating the hammies too much, especially in colder weather.
Just the way it is.

Although on Thursday during the treadmill workout the upper part of my left foot was getting sore at about the 2.0 mile point, so I have figured out what caused it (always a good thing). It was the N1's and I had to change out of them and haven't run in them since.


No races this week.

The reality is that

I made the 40 mile week that I wanted to keep for a while, it took doing a little more on Sunday than I usually do, but it was a good thing.

The Pearl Izumi's are doing great for me, I can't say much more than that.

It seems that I am going back more and more to things that I liked and actually worked over the years for me. Windows works, but is a pain-in-the ass to maintain, Apple is expensive and getting too similar to Window or is it Windows is getting too much like a Mac. I enjoyed the Chromebook when I had it last time and the more I thought about it, for what I do, it probably does 95% of what I want. The biggest thing that I won't be able to do is my RPG games, but then I have not been playing them lately, so it is not really an issue.

Now to get ready for winter around the house, because there is no doubt that it is coming.

This post originally appeared on One Foot In Reality if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission, please go to my site to see the original post.This post originally appeared on One Foot In Reality if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission, please go to my site to see the original post.

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