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Friday, November 6, 2015

After the Great Beet Purge - RunLog 11-6-15

Well now...I survived the Great Beet Runs AND PV purge yesterday, without too much damage to the system. It did kind of through me off center a little, but nothing too serious.

Bennie and I went out for our run this morning, it was nice to still be in shorts, but the long sleeve shirt and a tech shirt under it were just about perfect for the weather. A balmy 54*F, foggy and a light breeze. I think the fogginess did make it a bit more raw out than the temps would indicate, but still over 50*F in November - I ain't complaining.

So how did I really feel after yesterday's fun...tired.

More than anything all that elimination of anything in the system just plum tuckered me out. So I really wasn't expecting anything from this run - well other than doing it.

We ran comfortably, I didn't bother paying too close attention to the watch, we sped up when cars went by and then slowed back to a comfortable pace for the most part when they were not around.

As you can see by the graph and splits, it was a lot better run than I expected or thought possible earlier. We just seemed to go with the flow and moved along pretty decently. You can tell where Bennie sniffed and marked his territory, but even then we got moving pretty quickly after he did his thing.

He was in a hurry to get back to the house, not sure why, but he was.

Good run despite yesterday's mess.

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