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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An Experiment that Didn't Work - RunLog 11-24-15

I am really up in the air about what shoes to wear for Thursday at the Champions Turkey Trot 5K, yeah I am going. If the weather is nasty, I will be wearing my PI N1 Trails...that is a given, but the weather forecast is calling for temps to be around 40*F at the start and nice weather.

Which means the next thing I have to figure out is if I want to race the race (no, I am not in race shape) or just go, run hard and have some fun. If I go to have fun, I would just wear the H3's and not worry about it, but if I want to go a little faster do I wear the Hyperspeeds and just deal with the suffering my hammies will have for the next couple of days or are there any other alternatives?

Skechers GoRun2, with my regular Pearl Izumi rotation off to the left
Well, looking around the house I found a pair of Skechers GoRun 2's (yeah 2's, not 4's or 5's) that I had back in 2013 and used for a few races back then before I figured out they were a little too minimal for my tastes.

Why not, I ran well in them and historically with their rocker design, my hamstrings do pretty well. So I decided to go ahead and try a run in them this morning.

As you can see it was a Bennie run and each one of those steep dips mean at least a 5-second run-up in time before the Garmin auto stops.

The first couple of miles I did pretty good, the GR2's felt decent, nothing to write home about, but they were doing the job. However, after we turned around their true colors came back out and reminded me why I stopped running in them. My right knee started to bother (it hasn't bothered at all for a while) which ain't something I want and my feet didn't like them. They definitely were not put them on and forget them shoes.

Yeah, I was disappointed, but sometimes you gotta give a pair of shoes one more try, to see if they will work or not.

It was also cold and I have not acclimated to running faster in the real cold yet (I consider low 20's cold) and that was primarily why I decided to slow down. At the same time, the other factor was that my feet just didn't like the GR2's and they are going to the give-away pile in the back of the garage when I go to work this afternoon. There is no sense in keeping yet another pair of old shoes just laying around when they do not feel right.

So I am still up in the air about which shoes or what I am going to do on Thursday. Who knows I the H3's might be the default and my decision will be made for me. :-)

Although, I do have a pair of Blue Hoka Clifton's out there that I might try one last time and see how much they bother my right foot, I have run fast and well in those shoes and who knows maybe for a shorter distance/fast pace they will work good enough until I get something for faster paced training/racing.

I just wish the Hyperspeeds didn't trash my hamstrings quite so badly, because they are a great shoe, but damn I suffer for a few days after running in them. Which doesn't make me want to run in them.

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