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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another easy day and more on the Chromebook - RunLog 11-28-15

The day after Black Friday.

I stayed home, ran down-back, talked with company and enjoyed not being around the shopping madness yesterday. Oh yeah, I did run too this morning.

Didn't think you would get off that easy did you? However, this it was just a quick and get it done run.

Bennie and I ran, but unfortunately, at 36*F it was not shorts and shirtsleeves again today.

Down-back is starting to get a little beat up and with the frost coming out of the ground, a bit muddy, so I wore the N1 Trails again today. They do make a nice road and trail combo running shoe and are easy to run on either surface. They are just about perfect for dirt roads, slimy spots, transitioning to tar and then back on dirt again shoes.

The run itself, well I am still just getting myself out the door and running. Nothing super fast - oh Bennie will force the pace every so often to make me chase a vehicle that is going in the same direction, but nothing that you would call sustained fast stuff.

That is the plan through the end of the year. Although, I do plan to keep doing a once a week treadmill session just to keep the legs from loosing too much speed over the winter.

In other words.

This was one of those simply boring runs, nothing exciting happened, no strange critters were seen, the weather wasn't really anything to talk about and it was a run where for the most part we just plugged along under gray skies and then finished up.

As we were finishing up, was when that I got the bright idea of running down to meet Mary (she had gone for her run too), so we plugged along until we met up with her. Of course there was a car going the same direction as us after we turned around and Bennie had to go into overdrive mode, while we were in yak-it-up mode.

All that resulted in was him showing off his muscles and his 21 pounds straining pretty hard to pull my 155 pounds faster up Steven's Hill. So he got his weight session in, but didn't have much to show for it as far as making me pick up the pace very much. However, there were plenty of dig marks in the dirt, where he did his damnedest to move me faster.

No, it wasn't all that great of a run, but it added miles onto the monthly total and got me outside to breath some fresh air

Chromebook Stuff

I put this at the end versus up at the top, because most people really don't give a rat's ass about my owning a Chromebook and what I think about it...well they probably think that way about my running too.  ;-)

One of the things that I have figured out is that the battery on my refurbished Samsung Series 5-550 probably ain't gonna last all that long. However, when I did a bunch of research on the different models available, at what prices if I wanted to upgrade fairly soon, I got a nice surprise.

The Chromebooks in the $250 range, didn't necessarily blow it away. My old 5-550 is still a very viable Chromebook both in terms of performance and specs in that price range. The biggest difference being the processor and screen, which in the real world useage from what I could see wasn't all that big of a difference in how well it looked or worked.

While having the 5-550's battery only last a couple of hours before needing to plug it in, is an inconvenience and it would be nice to have something that I didn't have to worry about plugging in as much, it does everything else quite nicely and since it was just over $50 for it - I can't complain too much.

Which means until the battery dies completely this almost 4 year old Chromebook is going to keep on being my primary laptop with a fairly new Win10 ASUS 13" Flip as my backup computer. Just gotta plug it in more often that's all.

Although, while I was shopping at Best Buy tonight, I did look at the ASUS Flip 10.1 Chromebook and it is a sweet laptop, but it just doesn't seem to have enough screen real estate to be a primary work/life laptop - although I have a feeling that I could make it work if I wanted to. However, when I put it in tablet mode, I had the same issue as I have with my 13" Windows Flip, I don't like the feeling of holding onto it by the keys. If there was some sort of cover for the keys in tablet mode - I might really, really consider it, but I couldn't find anything like that online.

The other two Chromebooks they had as display models only reinforced how good the 5-550 still is.

Enough about the Chromebook, it will be here for a while I have a feeling.

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  1. Google is rumored to be no longer supporting the chrome book and doing away with computer OS. Your thoughts on that and the fate of your chrome book?

    1. Yeah, I read that piece in the WSJ, that that was subsequently picked up and sensationalized by so many techie blogs and rumor mills, as click-bait. So you can tell how much faith I put into those reports. I do see the Chrome OS getting capabilities to port/use Android Apps, which was rumored back in 2012, the first time I used the Chrome OS.

      I don't see Chromebooks or the Chrome OS going away, they are too big in schools, are good a gateway to introduce students, to how well Google can work for them and they are beginning to find a niche in the business and consumer worlds as a low-cost/low overhead devices that do 80-90% of what a user wants.

      It is another way to keep users within Google's services silo, which all the major tech companies are working hard to do.

      However, even with their higher adoption rates in schools and finding a niche in the business/consumer worlds, if Google does too many changes i.e. make the Chrome OS and Chromebooks less secure, add too much back-end maintenance for the casual user or make it too complex, users will find other alternatives, because the cost factor is becoming less and less of a motivation for buying Chromebooks as low-end Windows machines are becoming more competitively priced.

      At the same time I don't think that those low-end Windows machines are going to run Windows 10 and many of the hi-end programs that people claim that they need to use on their computers very well, just because they will not have the horsepower needed to run them properly at that price point. I tried a couple of the cheap Win10 laptops last night and they seemed pretty sluggish in their stock configurations. They have the familiarity of Windows for users, but how well they will work for many is the next question, since they still have the same security issues and higher maintenance required of a Windows device, that from my experience many users ignore or don't do.

      So it will be interesting to see where things go from here, but I am enjoying my Chromebook and have a feeling that I will still be using a Chrome OS machine in the future, but the OS might look a little different and have some added capabilities.


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