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Friday, November 13, 2015

Bartlett TOH 5.0 Miler - RunLog 11-13-15

After yesterday/last night's heavy rains, the weather was perfect for running this morning. Mid 40's, a very light breeze, lots of sunshine and although I ended up wearing gloves I didn't need them. So it was a beautiful day.

Actually, I wasn't planning anything spectacular after running a little faster yesterday, the only thing that I really wanted to accomplish was to get in my 5.0 miles for the day and relax during the run.

Well, now back to reality...I was running with Bennie.

I was planning to just run to the Old Dump, but when we got to Bartlett, Bennie decided to head up the hill. Nothing serious, but when we turn around, that sudden spike in speed was him going into chase mode and me just going along for the ride, the second spike was another truck going by and he wanted to become a low-flying turbo Bennie.

So much for the easy run.

Then we slowed the pace back down a little and the rest of the run was a lot more enjoyable, then we ran to meet Mary and ran back with her.

Just a little speed work, nothing serious, for the most part, the run was done at a more comfortable pace.

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