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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Beet Juice Can Be Scary - RunLog 11-5-15

I had all of these big plans on where and how much I was going to run today, after yesterday's relaxing 3.3 miler.

Got up, walked Bennie, was feeling great.

Drank my Beet, Celery, Lemon Juice combo.....

Sat down to eat breakfast...

and then BAM! POW! Shazaam! and all those other cartoon captions where the hero gets beat on by the villains - suddenly started wailing on me.

I started to sweat profusely, my stomach started to roll and roil and within 10 minutes of drinking the beet juice concoction, I was hugging the porcelain queen being...

Violently sick, with projectile vomiting

Now if you have ever drunk beet juice, you know what color was coming back up.

It made for some scary-ass looking splatter patterns because the overspray was getting everywhere and not everything made it to the toilet...

Nasty looking as hell.

Then it got worse...yeah.

Oh well, I think that is graphic enough, you probably get the idea.

It looked something like a bad crime scene on TV and I felt as though someone had done a number on me. No, no gross photos, I will leave it to your imagination and I have a feeling everyone who reads this blog has a pretty good imagination.

Something about the juice just turned me inside out.

It became "art" in a nasty sense.

Bennie just looked at me like - "Dad you shouldn't have eaten all the grass" and ET was looking down from the counter "You sound funny, are you gonna feed me or what?". Damn critters.

It took about an hour for things to start feeling a little better, enough that I took the wife to work and then slept most of the rest of the day until it was time to get ready for work.

I don't mind doing a cleanse every once in a while, but coming out of both ends suddenly like it was, definitely not good.

I feel fine now, but damn that was a nasty mess to clean up this morning.

Beets coming back out is not a pretty sight :-).

Today became one of those surprise, surprise, surprise you get the day off from running. I don't have a clue why the juice affected me this way because I have been drinking it for the past two days without any issues...but there was definitely an issue this morning.

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  1. Beet juice is helpful for workouts but can do a number on your intestines. I am still having issues from too much beet juice. I haven't juiced in weeks waiting for my gut to get back to normal. The bright side was I lost about 5 pounds lol.

    1. Yeah...I can understand what you are saying and the weight loss will help the running - right hehehehe. I will get back to juicing this weekend, there is something about the suddeness of yesterday that took a little out of me. All I feel like doing this morning is sleeping, so I guess a nice 5.0 miler will be on tap to get the cobwebs gone :-)


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