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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Computers and Two Runs - RunLog 11-15-15

Yesterday, I decided to take a day off and relax a little, well a lot, but it was needed. Sometimes I tend to not take the days when I should, but this time, it was mental tiredness, not physical that made me decide to not run.

Computer Woes

One thing that happened yesterday was that I was using my old MacBook Pro (my spare laptop) and it finally just died. It has been getting worse and worse every time that I have used it lately and finally...well it cooked. It got really hot, a big snap and then nothing. When I tried to turn it back on - nothing, so I waited a bit and still nothing. So I am pretty sure it is history.

It had a great run, but I have had it since 2009. The MBP was great to use while I was teaching and part of Maine MLTI Laptop initiative, but it was getting long in the tooth, had a few issues and even though I made it it into a Chromebook to see if I could get a little more life out of it, the MBP's demise wasn't really unexpected.

The MacBook Pro at its old job
I hate not having a spare laptop, so I looked around and ended up getting a Samsung 5-550 Chromebook with a final cost to me of just over $50, thanks to some special pricing and a gift card later.

I liked the Chromebook when I had the same model before.

Especially, since I am very much into the Google ecosystem now both at work and home, so it is a good choice. As long as I don't get tripped by a cat and smash it into the brick fireplace again.

The biggest thing that I am afraid of is that I will like it so much that my Windows laptop will become my "spare" and the Chromebook my primary. That is how much I liked the Chromebook last time.

Oh well, enough about my computer woes, time to get back to running.

Run #1

This morning's first run with Bennie was kind of nice, the weather was in the mid 40's and with a little breeze. The first couple of miles were quicker than I expected, but when a Lab came running out at us, it seemed to take the wind out of our sails.

We did go across the street past the Town Office and explored the new housing development, it is pretty rocky and having the rock plate in the N1 Trails was nice, but that is where the Lab lives.

Coming back up Blake Road the breeze was in our face and after the Lab encounter we just kind of plugged along and didn't push the pace.

Run #2

I started this one about 10 minutes after stopping the 6.0 miles Bennie. So the legs were still warmed-up but were starting to feel a little tired. I probably should have really pushed the pace hard to get a faster run with tired legs, but to be honest, my heart wasn't into this run.

The only reason I did it was that I wanted to get my 40 miles in for the week.

Mission accomplished.

Nothing special no fast paced running, I just ran comfortably and got it done.

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