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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cutting Back a Little and Going Back to What Works - October 2015

I think everything finally caught up with me, running consistently (a lot), going back to work and having a busy life...well hell, I just got tired. 

While I did meet one of my primary goals in late September (getting under 22:00 for a 5K), it seemed to take the wind out of my sails.  However, the motivation to get out and run extra just wasn't there as much. 

Going back to work does make doing everything else more of a struggle and it adds stress to my life - just like it does everyone else, but after being retired for four years it was a little more of an adjustment than I anticipated, especially when we had to go short-staffed for almost a month at work during the first peak period of the semester - never a good thing.

Yeah, by the end of October I was pretty tired physically and mentally. 

Which meant that I finally realized that I cannot do everything and backed off on the running a little during October. 

My favorite photo last month:

A picture of the 3 of us on a hike down to Whitten Hill


I am in the process of setting up my old WordPress.com blog (http://www.haroldlshaw.com) as a static webpage to be my landing spot for social media and the web, since the URL is my name, I don't really want to get rid of it. So I figured it would be a good use of that space, at least better than just letting it languish in cyberspace, while I am still paying for the privelege of keeping it.

The update is a work in progress and hopefully I will have it setup the way that I want before the year is over. So it is not a big priority, but one of those nice to have sort of thing.

I did update the header on One Foot In Reality and explain my choices of images here.


No changes in my tech this month, except that I did turn my old MacBook Pro into a Chromebook. It is an experiment to see how I like it. It worked fine, except that the battery on the MBP is pretty much toast, so it is a plug in machine now.


Still going pretty damn good, other than being tired and lacking some motivation to get that second run in after running with Bennie, that I used to just go for without even giving it a second thought. Nothing serious, but I have run consistently and a lot this year with no real down-time, so I guess it was time for a few less miles.

Since I broke 22:00 in September and didn't defend my title at the Terrier 5K (hehehe not that I really expected too), but a guy can dream, my motivation has kind of left the building. I have pretty much accepted that I am not going to get the 21:19 OR faster 5K before the snow flies.

However, I did finally get it through this thick skull of mine that I run well, really well in Pearl Izumi's EM line and I have gone back to using that brand.

At Home

The garden produced a bumper crop this year and two out of the three apple trees did fantastically, plus the neighbors had a bumper crop as well and they have shared their bounty with us.  Which means we have had a good to great harvest and are pretty much ready for a what looks to be a long-ass winter. At least that is what the signs are pointing towards.

Unfortunately, I wore out the juicer I got at the yard sale and needed to do a bunch of  research before getting a better one. In other words, we actually used the juicer - a lot and decided that the hassles were worth the effort. 

We ended up getting the Omega 8006 and I am finding that things are a little different, which means there is a bit of a learning curve to get through.

Big Running Goal - Being Realistic

Hey, I kept the same running goal:

I have finally accepted that my running goals for this year needed to be a bit more conservative than in the past:
  1. Run 2,015 miles for 2015
  2. Break 6:00 for the mile
  3. Break 22:00 for the 5K  -- Ran a 21:50 at the Rise 'n Shine 5K
  4. Chase my post-55 PR of 21:20
  5. Then go after a sub 21:00
  6. If I do that, start chasing that sub 20:00 goal again
Okay, I kind of let the goals slip after I broke 22:00 and so did my motivation to do that little extra that I really needed to do in or to get #4. Do I think that I will get it in 2015 - probably not now with the weather getting colder and honestly it is probably time to start doing my base work for 2016 and relax a little in Nov/Dec.

Now is time to start thinking about 2016 goals and what I want to accomplish. 

October Running Summary

The story of my running in October can be summed up: tired.

140.6 miles for October kept me at 140 miles every month in 2015. While I only took 5 days total off in October. However, four of them were in a row and I was worried about my foot a little (it was the hiking boots that did it).

I just didn't have that ummpphhh to get out the door and do more in October. 
  • Week 1:  31.2
  • Week 2: 30.2
  • Week 3:  20.8
  • Week 4:  40.5
A little less consistent than I have been most of the year, but at the same time, I did keep my 20 miles per week streak going and kept running, so it wasn't all bad.

Looking ahead, it is time to start building up my base mileage again and start thinking about what I want to set for goals in 2016. Maybe chase that elusive sub 1:40:00 for a half in the spring and then next summer go after a sub 21:20 for a 5K? Either way I want to get a good base in between now and the end of February to see where I am and not gain too much weight over the winter. Ideally, I would actually get down to 140-145 and stay there all of 2016, but I like my sweets and chips a bit too much.

I have a feeling that this winter is going to include a lot of treadmill miles once things get nasty outside. I just ain't that into fighting the elements as much as I used to be.


The hamstrings were not impressed by attempting to race another 5K or running more in the Adidas or Asics and my right foot didn't like my old hiking boots at all. So those two things were something that also made me think about changing some things up.

The hiking boots are banished to back of the garage for who knows how long, the Adidas were returned and the Asics under the dresser until my hammies stop barking so loudly.

It also means that I actually have to start using that Yoga video, that I keep saying I am going to use.

"and" just live with all the minor aches and pains that go along with getting to be an old fart, who runs, stays active and doesn't march to the beat to the same drummer as everyone else.

Running shoe rotation

My current shoe rotation has been re-vamped during October and went from:
  • Nike LunarGlide 5
  • Asics Hyperspeed 6
with a failed trial of the Adidas Response Boost 2's

Honestly, I got a little desparate when the Adidas didn't work out that well, the Nike's began to wear through on the toes and running more in the Asics seemed to aggravate the hammies too much. 

So I went out behind the seat in the truck and pulled out my old Pearl Izumi N2 Road's that I had retired to emergency-use shoes. You can read more about it here.

I ended the month in:

  • Pearl Izumi N2 Road v1 - they are almost to 400 miles and I can feel they are getting tired, but will be good enough for treadmill running for a while or if I have a race that I suddenly decide to enter.

  • Pearl Izumi H3 Road v1 - I already have 50 miles on them and haven't had any issues running in them at all. Yes, they are a little heavier, but for runs in the 8:40 or slower ranges, they do what I want. My long run/recovery shoes.
They worked so well that I have ordered the:
  • Pearl Izumi N1 Trail v1 - After talking with some other runners and looking back at how well I ran in the N1 Trails in 2014, if the new ones work the same way, do I really need another pair of daily trainers to pair with the H3's? I don't think so.

Now I still have the Asics Hyperspeed 6's, but I do slap when I get tired in them and my hammies take longer to recover after running in Hyperspeeds than they do in the Pearl's or even my LG5's. 

Which means that I have some decisions to think about when it comes figuring out my race day shoes. Whether I want to keep my Asics or go with a true racing flat like the Pearl Izumi N0 or more of a hybrid in the N1 Road, that could easily use out to the half marathon distance. 

I guess it comes down to what I decide on for my 2016 goals and my shoe allowance or Christmas list.

It also means that I am owning up to the mistake that I made last year at this time, when I moved away from the Pearl Izumi shoes that were working just fine for me.

Looking back with that damned 20/20 hindsight. The idea of being a brand's wear-tester (never did any wear-testing) and the flashiness of some other shoes that I received/bought or traded for at the time, got in the way of my staying with what was working too well for me. Which lead to me running most of 2015 in shoes that didn't fit or work nearly as well for me as the Pearl Izumi's did in 2014.

Welcome back Pearl Izumi.

Sometimes you just gotta admit it when you were wrong and go back to what works for you.


  • Thomas Terrier Trot 5K - You can read the recap here.

The reality is that

Things in the big change department in life have slowed down a lot and now getting back to running in Pearl Izumi EM series shoes is using what will work, is better than constantly searching for the next great pair of running shoes.

Simplifying my running shoe rotation has made life a lot simpler. 

Now to start really thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2016 and start working on the base mileage to accomplish those goals.

The big thing is that I love the direction my running and life are going.

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  1. I'm glad that you're getting into a nice groove with your running and your rotation. It's been interesting getting into a rhythm for running as a stay at home parent, as I ran at lunch the majority of the time before.

    Man...I just want to break a sub 30 5K - you're times are crazy good.

    1. Thanks Stefan - Just an old fart trying to keep the body moving and not trying to re-live the glory day "too" much. Each person's fast is someone else's slow, there are a lot of runners around here, who easy days are faster than my race. It is all about enjoying the running and the people you meet, the times are what they are and you just gotta smile and enjoy the journey.

  2. Agree with Stefan on enjoying seeing you hitting a nice groove ... remember that with running BORING IS GOOD! :) You've done the 'excitement' thing, it just hurts like hell.

    How did you turn you Macbook into a Chromebook? I took the 'old' (only 2010) Lenovo netbook I had turned into a Linux box last year and used Neverware's 'Cloud Ready' to turn it into a Chromebook. Worked great and was super easy!

    Just read the beet post ... um, sorry :( Eventually it will be funny. But not today.

    1. I don't need "interesting" according to Sun Tzu :-), so boring in my running would be a great thing.

      Here is the link to the webpage, http://www.neverware.com/free#freedetails, it is not perfect mirror of the Chromebook, but very close and worked well on the old MBP, it is just the MBP might be on its last legs motherboard problems - might have to open it up and use the compressed air to see if dust is crossing some of the connections, since even before I changed it over, there were a few headscratchng issues that didn't go away with the different O/S.

      Even when I was wrapping my arms around the porcelain queen, I was chuckling at the patterns the beet remnants were making, I know - warped sense of humor, but hey that is me.


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