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Saturday, November 7, 2015

First Run N1Trail v1 - RuLog 11-7-15

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I ran my first run in my new Pearl Izumi N1 Trail - V1 this morning.

Yes, they brought back a LOT of great memories of running comfortably and well in a pair of running shoes.

It was a Bennie run, so we ran slow, we ran fast, we ran in between, but we ran primarily on the dirt road about 3.0 miles and probably close to 2.0 miles on tar.

So the N1 Trail's got a nice variety of paces and terrain.

You know something...

they are a well-mannered running shoe.

What in the hell do you mean by that Harold?

Pretty simple...they did everything I asked of them, running smoothly and very quietly (despite the lugs) on the tar section, protected my feet from the rocks and stuff on the dirt sections. They are about an ounce lighter than the H3's and yes, I could tell the difference in weight while running. However, the best thing was for none of 5.0 miles did I have any hot spots, the tongue didn't move around and they felt...

well comfortable.

I could have gone a lot further without any issues in these shoes. There is just something about the N1 Trails that seems to really work well for me.

Oh yeah, that issue I had with my original N1 Trails, well going a half-size small did help quite a bit, but I really do think it is a design issue with them.

Not nearly as bad as my original N1 Trail's 

So if they start letting in too much road or trail crap, I have a very simple solution - duct tape over the offending section. It might not look purty, but it will solve the problem and is a pretty cheap fix, that I should have used on the first pair I had.

Sometimes I am such a dumbshit, especially because I really loved those shoes except for that issue.

First runs are deceiving sometimes, but for me this is not simply a first run, it is returning to a model that worked great in the past for me and is more a continuation of something good, than a new beginning.

Welcome back to my running shoe rotation - Pearl Izumi N1 Trails.

I have a feeling you should never have left. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Sometimes you just gotta stay with what works best for you.

Thank you, Sam. :-)


  1. I have a bad mental block with the N1 trails. I was going to go for a run on some pretty gnarly trails out by my in law's house around last Christmas, but I ended up wiping out and totally eating s*** on the slippery hotel walkway that morning while walking our pup. I was wearing the N1 trails...lol.

    It's a stupid reason to not run in them, but they definitely bring chills up my spine!

    I'm glad you like them!

    1. Thanks Stefan, yeah there are some shoes that I think the same way of and cannot get by, even though years have gone by - I just will not run in shoes of that style/name :-). Call it superstitious or whatever, just the way it is. :-)


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