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Monday, November 23, 2015

First Snow - RunLog 11-23-15

Last night we got our first "dustin" of snow, we got an inch or so of the wet, heavy stuff, that isn't going to stick around too long - this time. However, it was a great reminder of what is to come and to get out the rest of the winter gear.

Looking out into the back yard this morning via Instagram http://ift.tt/1HhOhG9

After Saturday's long run and even though I only ran a short recovery run yesterday, my legs were still tired. They felt heavy, so I didn't try to pick up the pace, unless Bennie was chasing a vehicle and then it was only a half-hearted effort on my part.

I enjoyed running with snow on the sides of the road, but I didn't enjoy running against the cold wind around 15 mph, straight out of the north, which made the temps feel like they were in the low 20's.

That part wasn't fun and in those kind of temps even though most sections of the dirt road down-back were clear, on wet sections (especially in the shade), well you needed to pay attention. They were either a little slick from a film of ice or the slimey mud had turned to frud (frozen mud).

Putting all that together, I had a nice recovery run.

Although we did have a bit of excitement at the 4.5 mile mark. After we turned around to come home, Bennie suddenly swerved in front of me and the leash handle caught my running belt buckle just right and suddenly Bennie was running free as a bird down the road.

I said "Ohhhhhh sssshhhhiiiittt!!!!" and started to jog after him like nothing happened, I have learned from other times, he will run like hell if I start to chase him. He turned around like well are you coming or not???

I slowed down and told him to sit, he stopped and looked at me with his head cocked sideways. "Like - you gotta be kidding, I am going to run like the wind." Luckily just as he was taking off, I had been walking towards him and my foot landed on the leash. His dreams of becoming that streak of "white lightning" were dashed. Me - I was just relieved, there is too much traffic on the road and it is hunting season - not a good time for a dog to be running free up heah.

Although as a reward and to help me burn off a little adrenaline, after I re-attached the leash, we did pickup the pace pretty well for a short ways and then relaxed to finish off the run.

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