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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Having Company Disrupts the Routine - RunLog 11-17-15

This is getting to be a habit, another day off, what is going on?

Nothing really, I am just listening to my body a little more and it said I needed a day off.

Not so much because of it being toast from running, but more I was just tired.


My normal routine had been upended.

We had Mary's sister out for a whirlwind 5-day visit and yesterday we had to take her back to the airport. After we got back, I sat in the chair and fell asleep instead of getting out and doing a run like I had planned...there is something about having company that just wears me out.

As much as we loved having company for a few days (it was a lot of fun having her around), it was still a change from our normal routine. No matter who it is, having company in the house, brings their little idiosyncracies into your routines, plus you are trying to keep things interesting and treat them like guests in your home, so you tend to do things that you normally do not do and dare I admit it -- your routine is different.

For me, the changes were small, minor, inconsequential all those other words to describe that her visiting didn't really impact me all that much, but at the same time, the changes and disruptions were just enough and by the end of the visit I was tired.

Plus you do feel a little down when your company leaves, because you really don't know when you will see her again, since she lives out in Arkansas and we don't travel all that much.

Add in the quick flip drive down to Portland to take her to the airport, when we got back...well I crashed.


I slept like a rock...totally unconscious.

Yeah, I took a nap for an hour or so, by the time I woke up it was time to eat and get ready for work, so no run yesterday.

Which is okay, I needed the time to recharge the batteries more than I needed the run.

I will get back to it this morning

What do you think, as much as you love to see and have company for a few days when they leave do you find yourself feeling tired from having company?

Since it is the Holiday season, does having company affect your running?

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  1. I do feel a little down when company leaves. I often feel we didn't get to do the things I hoped we would get to do, or my guests did not get to do something they wanted to do.
    And as you say, you don't know when you will see them again or ever. My parents are in their mid 80's so "if" is always on my mind.
    When my parents visited this summer I didn't run for a week and I didn't do any projects around the house. Instead of feeling like I didn't get anything done or bad about missing a run, I felt that I had focused my thoughts and energies on my guests. It was time well spent.

  2. I don't regret having the schedule disrupted, it is more important to spend time with people you love or know than it is to worry about your routine. :-) As we age, I think we begin to appreciate that things can change quickly and become more willing to change what we do when we have company. Even though it might seem like we are whining a little about the changes ;-)


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