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Monday, November 9, 2015

Inland Hospital Trail Run - RunLog 11-9-15

Bennie looking up the trail - the leaves hide an LOT of rocks, mud, roots and stuff, slow going.
I had a few errands in Waterville this morning and wanted to also go for a trail run, since I now have a pair of trail running shoes, I thought that it would be a great time to use them.

Another reason that I wanted to do a trail run is that I wanted about an hour on the legs, but at the same time didn't want to run fast...on trails with the leaves down, I knew that I wouldn't run very fast. The leaves are slick, hide stuff and when you are attached to a dog, you gotta make sure of your footing.

Which meant that I had a choice of 4-5 trails to run on and due to it being hunting season and I haven't run at Inland yet this year, I thought why not do the Inland Trails.

It was a good choice.

That is what I thought about running the trails this morning - it was tough, but it was fun!

The boardwalk around the big puddle.

Yes, there was a thick carpet of leaves and the Pearl's did a great job on these sections.

Looking down the steep hill that I walked up, sometimes it was just safer to walk there was a lot of mud and rocks under the leaves in this section.

This is after going through the bog and all the Devil's pitchforks, they were picking through my running pants, not real comfortable.

A lot of the trail is old logging road/snowmobile trails, so it is a little rocky.

There were 4-5 small stream crossing, some deep, muddy sections and a small cattail bog to slog through with water over my ankles. Since is was in the 20's last night that water was pretty damn cold too. One thing I noticed about the PI N1 Trails was after they got wet and we were going downhill, the insole moved around a little, nothing serious and I didn't have to stop to adjust anything, but it was a little disconcerting to feel it move, while Bennie was trying to speed up a little.

However, the PI's did a great job with grip, I didn't feel like I was out of control at any point and they shed the water quickly and even though the temps were in the 30's my feet didn't feel cold during the run after the initial getting out of the water hazards.

It felt good to be running on trails again!!! Yes, I ran a LOT slower than my usual pace, but it was what I needed to do today and what I need to do more often - go slower and enjoy the run.

The PI N1 Trails, did everything they were supposed to and yeah that smile at the start of this post says it all.  

Sometimes your socks tell the story of how good a run it was on the trails.

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