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Sunday, November 1, 2015

It Helps When Your Feet Don't Hurt - RunLog 11-1-15

Yeah, the title says a lot about my running this week and especially today.

Sort of a raw, drizzly Fall day.

Run #1

I knew that I was going to do an 8.0 miler after finishing up so I wasn't really expecting to run all that fast during this run. We started out pretty smoothly, and when we got down to the Blake Road our run went from a 3.0 miler to a 4.0 miler, especially when I remembered that I needed 12.0 miles to get 40 for the week.

The other reason was that a guy was out running his lab (he was in the truck and the lab was running), Bennie wanted to go check them out, so that was a little battle of wills while we went the other direction. After that he became a royal butt head, he had to check out every place that the other dog had stopped and it didn't' matter which side of the road it was on.

Which meant that he was wrapping the leash around my legs way too often, which didn't particularly endear him to me. Then when we got down around the town office he almost tripped me twice, so I was getting more and more frustrated with him. If you look at all the change of paces that we did it was not a fun run, just one to get through.

Then after we passed Mary who was heading out on her run...Bennie decided that going up Stevens' Hill was a great place to play tug-o-war and when he almost tripped one more time weaving the leash around we stopped and had a little talk. Then when we started back up, he brought leash under my foot and I accidentally stepped on it, he suddenly had a nose plant into the road. Maybe it was what he needed, because he finally figured out that maybe it was time to just run.

He was fine after the nose plant, but I was conserving energy for the next run and we just plugged along.

Run #2

About 20 minutes after I got done running with Bennie, I headed out the door and started running towards Augusta for my 8.0 miler. The weather was about the same, the only difference was that the breeze was in my face for 90% of the run into Augusta, not real bad, but enough to be a pain and slow me down a little.

I am having some issues uploading the run and before I go ahead and do a bunch of stuff that will probably lose it, I figure I will write down the data from the watch before that happens.

Distance: 8.61
Time: 01:16:23
Pace: 8:52


I wasn't looking for a fast run, just a nice steady run, which looking at the paces that was what I did.

The biggest thing that I learned on these two runs, which were basically a 12.6 mile run is that my feet did not bother me and it really makes a huge difference when you run, to not have your feet bother at all. The Pearl Izumi H3 v1's did a great job on both runs and just let me run even when my feet and the rest of me were pretty tired that last couple of miles.

One good run and one butt head run, but put together a nice 12 miler.

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