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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It Was a Beautiful Fall Day - RunLog 11-10-15

What a gorgeous day for running!

The temps were 45-55*F and just a little breeze (not enough to really move the Town Office's flag).

I knew that I would be doing a double run, but no treadmill work today, so I didn't want to beat myself up too much on the first run and for the second one, I didn't want to push too hard and be that obnoxious runner (stanky), showing up to finish the purchase on a new to us car.

Run #1

The usual kind of run with Bennie. Nothing earth shattering, but it had it faster spots and slower spots.

I just ran at a comfortably hard effort. The first mile was go/stop or it stop/go ;-), Bennie was in rare form or there were lots and lots of sniffs. So most of the run was a good fartlek session and he was only a butthead at the end when he didn't want to stop running.

We have created a monster, 5.0 miles is not enough to tire him out, but short of doing laps down back there are not a lot of routes we can do to get much more in without running into dogs that are not hooked or lots of traffic with only shoulders/ditches to run on when the traffic comes. So 5.0 is about all he will get most of the time.

Run #2

Yeah, we needed to buy a new to us car. We started to look around on Saturday and for the first time in my memory found a vehicle at the first place we stopped, it was what we were looking for and in the price range we wanted.

The other thing was it was a local small business and I would rather give them my business than a big dealership. Yeah, we know it will need a little work to get it up to what we want, but the money we saved buying it locally can go towards that, versus paying the big dealership markup and then having to fix things anyway.

It also meant that I needed to get it. Since it is across the street from the Town Office, it was either going to be a 1.6-mile run or a 3+ run. Well you know me...1.6 ain't enough (sounding like Bennie-now we know where he gets it from), so it was going to be the 3+.

I didn't want to get there all sweaty and really stinky, so I ran at a controlled effort and didn't push it.

As you can see by the graph it was a little more steady paced than running with Bennie but still a lot of variation, especially going up the hills.

Hopefully, the new to us car will be a good thing and it will last 3-4 years.

Pearl Izumi H3 v1's

I am torn between doing a 50 or a 100-mile review on the H3's - the shoe reviews I do now are more geared for me now than for other runners. So I can look back and see what I thought of a pair of running shoes and that they are doing great and haven't bothered my feet at all.

While they will never be race day shoes for me, but I can get a decent pace going in them - for me (around 8:00 give or take a bit). However, they really shine when I am doing recovery or slower long runs - they are comfortable and I don't worry about my feet bothering me when I run in them.

Lots of good stuff going on.

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