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Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Screech and Still Running - RunLog 11-18-15

Yeah, yesterday was one of those days where things were on "screech".

A heavy frost yesterday.

You know the routine.

Get up
Do all the morning stuff
Take Bennie for a run
Get ready for work at by 9:00
Get to work at 10:00
Go to lunch at 3:00...well go to the gym run 3.1. on the treadmill
Work until 8:00 PM
Get home talk, gab with the wife about the day we had
Watch some sports, get caught up what is going online
Go to be around 10:00

A typical Wednesday. The runs were not as long as I wanted but at least I got them in, it seemed that was always looking at the clock to see what was coming next. Yeah, not the same as it was in retirement - on days like that I do miss being retired.

Run #1

Did a typical Bennie Run. Some faster parts, a few stops for marking or sniffing and even a few areas where it was reasonable.

Run #2

I get an hour break and instead of heading someplace to eat, I went ahead and got on the treadmill for a quick 5K. I wasn't sure how it would go, so I started out at an 8:00 minute pace and increased it a bit throughout the run to the end when I was running somewhere around a 6:30 pace for the last quarter.

A good run and not a bad time for a training run on the treadmill.

Although I felt rushed the whole time, I managed to get the runs in. I guess that is the biggest difference now that I am back to work...time.

There doesn't seem to be enough of it to focus on the things I want to do and then be able to do them the way I want.

I guess it is welcome to the real world Harold.

Let's see how today goes, I gotta take the new to us Nissan in to get a new key. They have to program it, the good old days of going down to the local hardware store and getting a duplicate made in 10 minutes or less for under $5.00 are over, now you gotta make an appointment, wait and then pay over $100 for another key - fun. Then I get to do a quick flip/flop to Portland to deliver a form for our health insurance, when I get back to run with Bennie, then go to work.

Sounds like another one of "those" days, if you ask me.

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  1. Yeah, those days can be hard, for sure. Today is going to be one of those days. I won't be able to even get to the gym until well after 4pm, which always is challenging for me. But hey - you and I are stubborn in our running goals :). It'll get done

    1. Yeah, yesterday was another screech day, but got a run in and made it to work on time, gotta make the priorities, priorities :-)


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