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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Running old school without the Garmin :-)

Sometimes things work out kind of funny, this morning when I got ready to put my Garmin on, I had screwed up putting on the charger and it was at 4% charge, so I didn't even bother to take it. I put it on correctly and decided to go semi-naked.

Just wear a watch and keep the time.

Bennie and I did a typical Bennie run and ended up doing 5.0 miles. Nothing special and I purposely kept going slow. There were not going to be any laps, stats or graphs to worry about looking at and the only thing I was trying for was keeping the overall pace around 9:00's.

Though we did probably pick it up a little during the last mile, overall it was just a nice recovery run.

I do have to laugh though, like Mike said on Instagram "At least it is on social media so we know it happened!"

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1N06Quj

The only thing that this shows is that my watch ran for 44 minutes and 09 seconds. It doesn't tell that I ran 5.0 miles or anything else.

Mike's comment reminded me about one of the reasons that I got a GPS watch. 

When I first started blogging about my running and started to do a lot of it, I had a particularly virulent troll. Someone, who questioned everything that I did as a runner and how I at my "advanced age" could possibly be doing any of the stuff that I was writing about. This troll claimed I was writing "stories" to make myself look better on social media than I actually was. The comments as you can imagine were not what you would call very nice or flattering to me.

This was when I was getting started with my serious blogging and the comments bothered me a lot. Especially, since I was actually doing the work and the runs that I was writing about. I had been blogging for a while and knew that feeding trolls serves no purpose, so when he continued to disparage my running, after the initial response back to him, I would read the comment and delete it. Yes, it still make me angry, but it would not have served any purpose to lower myself to his level.

Well, after getting the GPS watch and the stats that showed what I was doing, was what "I" was doing -- the toll simply moved on.

So I had to chuckle a little when I read Mike's comment.

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  1. Wow. That troll needs a life, bad. What is wrong with people?!


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