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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sick, All Pearl Izumi Now and Running Well - Week In Review 11-8-15

The week that was.

I ran, I worked, I got sick, got well, we searched for another used car and found something we liked, then I shopped in Freeport and relaxed by mowing leaves on Sunday. So it was a busy week, but a good one...well for the most part.

My favorite photo from the week:

Yes, Elliott is still alive after having his face/nose in my slippers.

Here is the used car we are buying on Monday:

2005 Nissan Maxima - An older car, but in decent shape.


My training last week consisted of:

It started out really good

Monday - 3.31/29:00 and 4.02/36:00. A couple of easy runs at close to 9:00-minute pace. The Garmin screwed up and I had to do a factory reset, so I am pretty sure that the first was a little quicker, but close enough estimate for what I want and the second was all about attempting to re-calibrate the footpad, which didn't work out so well.

Tuesday - 4.04/35:47 and 6.02/46:04. An easy run overall with Bennie with a couple of surges thrown in when vehicles when by and then going over to Planet Fitness for a nice treadmill workout. 1.5 @ 8.1 and then 3 quarters @ 9.1 and 2 hard 200's at 10.0. The footpad calibration was way off, so will have to re-do.

Wednesday - 3.30/29:30. Easy recovery run, for some reason my left upper foot was bothering from my treadmill session, not painful - more sore, so I really took it easy.

Thursday - DNR. I had lots of big plans for the day, but after drinking an 8 oz glass of beet, celery, and lemon juice, something didn't agree with me and I purged from both ends. Needless to say, I didn't run that day and there was quite the red storm to clean-up. Beware - a beet juiced based drink may result in a nasty looking clean-up if it doesn't agree with you.

Friday - 4.06/33:20. Still a little tired from Thursday's escapades, but had a pretty good run, but didn't push to a second one when things were still a little loosey-goosey at the end of the run.

Saturday - 5.02/42:03 and 3.11. First run in my new Pearl Izumi N1 Trails, they reminded me why I liked my first pair so much and they responded well on a variety of surfaces, more on them below.

The second run was needed after shopping down in Freeport most of the afternoon. I am not a great shopper and with all the rude, obnoxious people wandering around, it just wore me out. I had forgotten how bad some people can be. So I went up to Brunswick parked at a school and ran my old Columbia Ave 3.0 mile loop. The one I used to run when I lived there in the late 80's. It brought back a few memories and it was kind of nice to run on a flat course for a change. Although I do wish that I had worn the N1 Trails, because running through the leaf piles was a little adventurous in the N2 Roads (smooth bottom on slippery leaves - not a great combo).

Sunday - 8.42/1:15:42. The first 5.0 were with Bennie, but a lot more controlled than usual, then I ran down to Pepin Way for another 3.4. The N1 Trails did quite well on the run, but the cold, wind and the Bitch, left me a little whiney. :-)

I am using the half marathon base mileage training plan that I created a couple years ago, mostly based on the MacMillan training plan with a few adaptations for me as a guide to what I want to accomplish over the next month, so we will see how it goes.

I created this for when I was retired, so I can see some changes as far as what day I do some things, but it does give me an idea of where I want to be. Yeah, the long run might change to the weekend and Tuesday will probably be a low-key speed work session

My running challenges and goals?

Figure out my running goals for 2016. I have done all the goal chasing I am going to do in 2015 (unless I get that 2,015 miles or something else by accident) and I have gone back to relaxing, doing some base work with a once a week treadmill session to keep the fast-twitch fibers around for a little bit longer. Here are my initial thoughts for 2016 goals:

  • Keep going after that post-55 5K PR - a good possibility and continue to chase sub 20:00
  • Run a fast (for me) half marathon sub 1:35:00
  • Run more trails and do more trail races - there are plenty in the area.


Another week over 40 miles and I am doing better than I thought I would.

It might have something to do with the unseasonably warmer weather we have had, which makes running a lot more enjoyable, than running in sub-arctic cold and snow. There is just something nice about being able to run in a lot in shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt in November. However, I have a feeling that that nice weather stuff is coming to an end.

Also running in shoes that you can put on and forget about does make a pretty nice difference too. I know that I am not hesitant to go for those longer run now, whereas before I had to choose between my right foot hurting or my hamstrings barking too loudly and now the feet do not hurt and my hammies are only grumpy - both are big differences and moving back to PI has been a good thing for my running.


New gear - None

New Shoes - Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails

Shoes I ran in last week:
So I have pretty much completed my move back to Pearl Izumi running shoes. Now I need to replace the N2's with either a pair of N1 Roads or N0's for my speed work / race day shoes and I will be done getting running shoes for a while. I wonder which Santa will bring me? 

Any suggestions which would be better the N0 or N1 Road?

Pearl Izumi N2 V1 - I can tell they are starting to get tired, but they still have a few more miles on them.

For a while, these will be my treadmill and speed work shoes until I figure out whether to get the N0 or N1 Roads. They are fast enough for what I want to do over the next few months. Who knows maybe the smoothness will be enough to offset the additional weight over the Asics if I actually do a race between now and the end of the year.

Pearl Izumi H3 V1 - I got these as closeout specials from Sierra Trading Post for a song. They have become my primary trainers since I am not attempting to run hard or fast outside for a while. The more I run in them, the more I like them. No, they are not race day shoes, but at the same time for putting in the miles, they are exactly what I am looking for.

I like them - a lot. They run quiet and I don't worry about them hurting my feet. My first run impressions.

Pearl Izumi N1 Trails v1 - I have had two runs in them and both runs reminded me of all the good things I remember about my first pair and maybe moving down to the 8.5's have resolved most (but not all) of the issue with the gap between the bottom of the tongue and the upper, but it is better than the other pair - a lot better.

So far pretty damn good in these shoes, now I feel a lot better about nasty weather running and hopefully can get out for a trail run or two before the snow/ice gets here.


No changes here and what I said the last couple of week still applies
Someday, I would love to run without any issues in the hamstrings, but at the same time I don't see them getting a whole lot better. I know my hamstrings probably will never be great or even decent, they are doing - well good enough that I can run with them, but I know that I have to walk a fine line between going fast and not irritating the hammies too much, especially in colder weather.
Just the way it is.

Although on Tuesday after the treadmill workout the upper part of my left foot was sore, right where the tongue presses down, so maybe I had the lock laces a bit too tight that day??? Hasn't bothered since, so it was just one of those mystery aches that runners seem to have pop up every now and then.


No races this week.

The reality is that

The first week of returning to working on my base mileage was pretty good, now that I have figured which plan I am going to use. The rest of this month is going to be devoted to running comfortably most of the time (well Bennie comfortable anyway) and one day of easy speed work to keep the legs so they don't loose all the fast twitch fibers.

My switch back to what works for me is nearly complete. I didn't run in anything, but Pearl Izumi running shoes this week and my legs/feet have been pretty happy. No, they are not perfect running shoes, but I run well and comfortably in them, so I am sticking with them for a while.

I hate buying new to us vehicles because it always means more expenses after you get them. But we need three vehicles and the price is reasonable, so even though we expect to have to repair some stuff, it still is a pain.

Now to get ready for winter around the house, because there is no doubt that it is coming.

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