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Friday, November 20, 2015

Still on Screech Mode - RunLog 11-19-15

HELL YEAH, another screech day yesterday!!!

Car appointment to get a new key programmed to the car. It took just over an hour and over a $130 later to have a new key made...I am old and probably an anachronism in many respects, but damn, it was a LOT easier going to the hardware store, paying a couple of bucks and walking out with your new keys in about 10 minutes. Whiney aren't I? ;-)

Then a quick trip down to Portland to set up our new health care plan with Martin's Point, everything had to be in by the 20th for a December start...so the drive down and back was necessary. However, where I needed to go was not the Martin's Point facility and I had to go up Washington Ave to their Administrative Offices. Not a big deal, but it added on about a half hour for me to get this all done - time that I really wanted to use for something else. Then we had to go over all the paperwork, of course, pay some more money.

Which meant that after I got done there, I needed to get out and move. More specifically -- RUN!!!

One of my favorite places to run is Back Cove in Portland and I was right there (plus I just happened to have my running gear on - for some reason or other). Actually, I had thought if I had enough time that I would go ahead and do 1 or 2 laps around it. With all the delays, I had time for one lap.

Starting out the wind was in my face and I just couldn't get my breathing comfortable until I went over the bridge, then I started to feel better and began to slowly pick up the pace. Although, I don't have a clue what that big dip is coming up to the bridge???

I like running on the mostly flat course and dirt path, it is just comfortable to run on and I can focus on my running, not worry about traffic or anything other than other runners/walkers and maybe an occasional dog or bike flying by.

I looked at my watch just past the Hannaford parking lot side (I started on the other side) and figured that I better start hauling ass, if I wanted to get back home in time to run/walk Bennie, get ready for work and then get to work on time. I started to pick-up the pace.

After a very short distance, I noticed a familiar runner coming at me...it is funny how you can sometimes recognize other runners just by the way they are running and what/how they are wearing their gear from a distance. Scootah.

We greeted one another and he turned around and we got caught up on what was going on, our injury woes and how things were going in general. I don't usually get to run with too many others, so it was fun to run with Scott, swap a few lies and not worry about anything else. Unfortunately, with my schedule, I wasn't able to do the extra lap that I really, really wanted to do and had to say see you later to Scott.

I tried to get a photo of Scott running on the path as I drove by, but he was moving so fast that I misjudged and missed him. That gotta pay attention to driving thing, instead focusing on taking a damn picture.

By the time I got home, I was toast, so instead of running again with Bennie, we went for a mile walk and then I had to get ready for work.

Oh yeah, I got my $51.00 Chromebook in last night too and after I got off work, I was playing around getting that setup and working the way that I want it to. Doing that brought back a lot of memories of all the things that I loved about my first Chromebook.

The biggest issue that I will have will be how to get my Garmin's data downloaded...I will probably have to setup my wife's Desktop to download the info and upload to Garmin Connect/Strava, since the Chromebook will not read it, but I will be looking at all the different alternatives. Yes, I still have my Windows Laptop, but I just haven't been "wowed" by Windows 10 and the too frequent re-starts that seem to happen when I am in the middle of something.

At this point in my life, I just want my computers to work.

Just one of those days, but I got the run in and got all the errands done, but the highlight of the day was getting to see Scott again and catch-up with how he is doing.

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  1. Yeah, that's a big fault of the Chromebook. You can still go into the actual Garmin files, download the activity, then upload it manually...but that's a pain in the ass, admittedly. I'm wondering if that will ever be patched?

    1. Probably not. Garmin supports the major OS's and since Chrome OS doesn't have native apps/software, if we use a Chromebook, with Garmin it will always need a work-around. However, we have enough PC's in the house, that it shouldn't be that big of a deal and it was something I knew upfront. ;-)

  2. Haha - totally with you on the key complaint! I remember spending ~$1.50/key and always getting a bunch cut at the same time (and at the time we had one key for the engine and a different one for the doors/trunk). We did a duplicate for my wife's car and it cost us $75 a couple of years ago. She lost the spare for my car when her keychain broke last year and we've not replaced it yet!

    "I just haven't been "wowed" by Windows 10 and the too frequent re-starts that seem to happen when I am in the middle of something."

    Yeah, I was playing Fallout 4 the other night and my Alienware just spontaneously rebooted. Ugh. I am finding Windows 10 less stable than Win 8.1 was and with more updates!

    Also agree on the pain of dealing with non-computer OS hardware. Chromebook has the same limitation as my iPad Pro I'm enjoying now - you need a 'real' computer for certain things. Annoying. Like my Garmin 225, for the new update I needed to download the file through Garmin Express - which only runs on Mac OS X or Windows.

    It is also funny how you talk about recognizing other runners ... definitely true (walkers included) and I can do it in the dark quite easily! Funny how each of us runs/walks so distinctly.

    1. Win 10 works, but after 24 hours, I am happier with the Chromebook than I have been with several months with Win 10. Kind of sad and if it keeps going this direction...well we will see.

      I will probably hook up the wife's desktop so that it automatically uploads, an inconvenience but nothing insurmountable and then use Google's Remote desktop for other things. Plus I am not getting rid of the Asus Flip anytime soon, so I have it to do anything the CB doesn't do well or just can't do. I consider the Chromebooks real computers that do somethings better than other operating systems and doesn't do things as well as others. It is all about what you are looking for from a computer and my needs have gone from power user/programmer/systems administrator to a user who just wants things to work and personalize it to the way I do things :-)

      We are a distinctive lot

  3. Lies, they were all lies. Ha. Good to get in a few miles with you, Harold.


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