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Monday, November 30, 2015

Taking a break on #Cyberrunday - RunLog 11-30-15

First - yeah 18*F is cold and this was 4*F warmer than when we did our first walk at 6:00 AM, so yeah it was cold and there ain't no two ways about it. 

The ice forming in that little stream was there because it was...cold!

Oh well it is the last day of November and this weather has been creeping towards us in spits and spurts, but it doesn't mean that I can't whine about it ;-)

I ran in the PI N2 Roads, so I could get the Garmin footpad calibrated again. Now that I have fixed the issue I was having with the left foot by going back to regular laces, the N2's feel pretty good and I plan to use them for my speed work and treadmill runs (which are going to be a regular part of my winter routine this year).

I have a feeling that when the temps dip under that 20*F mark that I will be doing something inside more often than not, especially as the winter wears on. I just do not get that same pleasure I used to of having to buddle up, freeze my ass off while I am sweating at the same time and then get back inside to shaking and shivering, until the sweat dries off and I warm back up.

Yeah, I am getting wimpy in my dottage.

So I calibrated my Garmin footpad. This is for you Stefan:

On my watch Garmin 310XT.

Settings / Run Settings / Scroll down to Foot Pod / Go to Calibrate / GPS or Miles (I use GPS) / Go outside run until the bar says you are done / stop follow instructions / reset back to main menu / finish run.  I will be going to the gym for the second run to check out how close the calibration was and probably have to do it a couple more times to get it so it is close enough.

The run itself was your typical Bennie run. Although we did start out a little faster, because I was attempting to run the same as I do on the treadmill (which is slightly different than I tend to run outside). 

We chased a couple of trucks, stopped to take a photo for #cyberrunday to take a chance on winning a pair of N2 Trails from Pearl Izumi and also to enjoy the little stream for a couple of minutes. Something that I usually don't take the time to do.

I know my hands were cold when we got done, I still can't find my running mittens from last year and I am in the middle of a no-running gear embargo from the wife until Christmas is over, so I guess I will just have to suck it up or use my heavy mittens when it gets cold like this.


  1. AH - I see the problem with my stuff. My old 210 doesn't have the option to go GPS or Miles. You have to do the outdated (see - stupid) calibration equation method.

    Guess this means I need a better GPS watch...whimpers.

    At least my shoes are good for a while ;)

    1. Maybe Santa will be nice to you :-) I hated that way of calibrating a watch and avoided them because of it. Look at DC Rainmaker for great reviews of what each GPS watch does. Mine is an old 310XT that I got cheap because it is old tech, on sale and discount codes. It does everything I want most of the time and several others in the area seem to swear by it and at it from time-to-time. Like all things electronic it is going have its moments.


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