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Monday, November 2, 2015

Technology Can Be a Pain - RunLog 11-2-15

The great thing about technology is that when it works, it just works, but when it doesn't work right - it becomes a pain-in-the-ass.

I like my Garmin 310XT GPS watch a lot and I admit it that I like GPS in general when it comes to my running, not so much during the run, but to look at different things after I get done. It makes me a bit lazy, since all I have to get a signal, start the watch, stop when I am done and magically all of these great stats are available for me to take a peek at my run.

However, it seems whenever Garmin does a software update, that I have to do a factory reset on my watch and it typically screws up a few runs before I get them uploaded.

Yeah, that 8.6 miler yesterday and this morning's race down the hill with Bennie to stay in front of the 18 wheeler coming down Steven's Hill - we were flying, but how fast - who to hell knows?

My Garmin lost the records for those two runs.

Then while re-calibrating my footpad, I screwed up how to start the calibration and didn't get it going until well past the lower gate.

Oh well, the joys and vagaries of using tech while running.

Just part of what we do, if we want to use it.

Run #1

My legs were still a little crispy after yesterday's total runs, but going down Steven's Hill a Semi was barrell assing down the hill (they are cutting wood at the bottom of the hill, so I knew where he was turning and that Bennie hates semi's and when I saw another one coming out of the Lower Gate, we hauled ass to beat the one behind us and the one in front of us, so he would get boxed in.

When I say we hauled ass, we went from over a 9:00 minute pace into sub 6:00 territory for longer than we have in a long time.

Once we got past the lower gate, we could relax a little and I could try to breath again.

Then we just plugged along for the rest of the run, nothing overly fast and when Bennie wanted to stop, it wasn't an inconvenience.

Run #2

I hadn't really thought about running outside again, but I knew that if I went to the gym as we originally planned (tomorrow is a busy day, so no gym planned), that I would have run a little too fast for how my legs are feeling. At the same time, I did want to finish setting up or should I say re-setting the Garmin again.

Unfortunately, I screwed up starting the re-calibration of the footpad and didn't start the stats for the run until I was past the lower gate. After that I didn't really have the focus or the umpphh to do a lot with the run, other than get it over with.

I did run in shorts, but even though the sun was out and it was in the 50's, it felt a lot colder and I like wearing my orange jacket this time of year.

Yeah, I love technology, yeah I hate technology, but as long as I choose to keep using it, there are going to be times where I get frustrated when it just doesn't work. Not the end of the world, but something that is part of using it as a runner.

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  1. Ugh ... talk about frustrating technology - over the last couple of days I have screwed up TWO comments on you blog because Blogger chose to put the 'publish' button on the left and 'sign out' on the right ... which is where Wordpress, Disqus and others all have their 'publish' button. Yeah, I did it twice and lost both comments ... yeah, I'm a moron! :)

    Anyway, I totally get the 'Garmin Update Frustration' - and I feel lately it has been worse than before, but maybe that is because I have been going through one device after the next lately? Not sure ... but I think after my down-grade I will happily stick with the FR225, as it really works great and gives me all-week battery life.

    (oh, and just so you can laugh at me, I just got an email, and then came back and very nearly clicked 'sign out' ... again!)

    1. I know exactly what you mean, I have signed myself out several times and get frustrated when I do it and loose a repy...grrrrr. It is poor U/I design and no you are not a moron. :-)

      No, I have a feeling that some of Garmin's updates are rushed and not completely tested to see which product is going to get wonky with the changes and frustrate the hell out of the users.



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