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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Week - Week In Review 11-29-15

The week that was.

Thanksgiving week was initially busy and then I had four wonderful days off in a row. Nice!!!!

I didn't run quite as much as I originally thought I would or wanted, but I still got over 30 miles in, was able to relax a little and even finished a local 5K on T-Day itself. For the most part I purposely attempted to run slower and even got to run in shorts and shirtsleeves for a run, but that was just a lucky day. Especially, since as I write this, it is evident that winter is definitely coming - it was 14*F outside for Bennie's first walk.

As much as I love my Chromebook Samsung 5-550, its battery ain't gonna last that long. So I did some really serious research online about getting into a new one, not something refurbished or 3-4 years old. What I found out surprised me - except for some of the high-end Chromebook, my old 5-550 holds up well against the newer Chromebook hardware. Oh well, it means that even though Chrome OS continues to improve that to keep the price points about where they are, the hardware really has not changed all that much in the last 3-4 years.

Which made realize that I should just keep the 5-550 until it does die. When it does finally bite the bullet, the choices come down to either the ASUS Flip Chromebook or a Toshiba Chromebook 2. Both would work for me, though for different reasons and have different specs/characteristics.

My favorite photo from the week:


My training last week consisted of:

Monday - Just an easy Bennie 5.0 miler, so there were some faster parts, but, for the most part, we just plugged along

Tuesday - A quicker than usual Bennie run where I tried out my old Skechers GoRun 2's. The first couple of miles were okay, but the last 2.0 reminded me of why I stopped running in them...they are now on the give-away pile. The second run was a test run on the treadmill to see if changing out the laces on the N2 Roads would get rid of the problem on my left foot they had been giving me. They were fine and will go back to being my treadmill, race day and speed work shoes, until I get something else.

Wednesday - DNR

Thursday - Champions Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K. You can read more about it here. I did get to see a lot of the local runners I haven't seen for a while (it is tougher getting to see people if you don't race that much and work evenings) and finished second overall. So it was a pretty good day.

Friday - An easy run with Bennie down-back

Saturday - Another easy run down-back with Bennie

Sunday - DNR. We started to go out a couple of times, but too many of the locals were sighting in their black powder rifles and Bennie was a shaking mess, so we didn't run. He stayed in my lap most of the afternoon. I thought about heading out for a quick 3.0, but just never got around to it.


    I got in a nice 30.0 miles for the week, but with all the other stuff going on, I can't say that I was surprised or even disappointed about it. This time of year I usually shut it down a little more than that, so looking at the weekly mileage graph, it has been a very consistent year so far.


    New gear - None

    New Shoes - None

    Shoes I ran in last week:
    • Pearl Izumi EM/H3 v1 - My 50 Mile Review. It says pretty much everything that I need to say about them.

    • Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail v1 - are over 50 miles, doing great and here is the 50 mile review.

    Pearl Izumi N2 Roads - I got the problem figured out. They didn't like the LockLaces and I had two very good runs in them this week.

    I have over 400 miles on the N2's and will probably be doing a second retirement post at the end of December - they are starting to get tired, but still have a little life left in them. However, with these shoes you never know, they have more lives than a cat and maybe have a few more left.

    Skechers GoRun 2's - I have been hanging on to these for a couple of years, they were my first pair of Skechers running shoes and I ran well in them. So I always figured I could use them as race day or speed work shoes. However, during the 4.0 mile run in them this week, after a couple of miles they reminded me, why I stopped using them.

    They were put in the give-away pile and my experience in them helped me make my decision on what I was recommending for Bennie to get me for Christmas. :-)

    I have pretty much settled into a nice 3 shoe rotation:

    • Pearl Izumi H3 Road: Recovery and long runs on the roads
    • Pearl Izumi N2 Road: Race Day, treadmill and speed work
    • Pearl Izumi N1 Trails: Every thing else and then some

    It seems to be working pretty good, but the N2's are starting to show their wear and tear and it is getting closer to retiring them for the second time. One thing that I did learn is that for running, my Pearl Izumi shoes do better with the stock laces, so that is how I will keep them.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Bennie is going to get me a pair of Pearl Izumi N1 Road v2's for Christmas. He was playing around on the Running Warehouse site last night doing some sneaky stuff.


    No changes here and what I said the last couple of week still applies
    Someday, I would love to run without any issues in the hamstrings, but at the same time I don't see them getting a whole lot better. I know my hamstrings probably will never be great or even decent, they are doing - well good enough that I can run with them, but I know that I have to walk a fine line between going fast and not irritating the hammies too much, especially in colder weather.
    Just the way it is.

    Otherwise, I am doing well.


    Champions Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K -- 22:41 -- 2/77


    When I bought my first Chromebook back in 2012, I didn't think that the hardware would still be viable almost 4 years later. It just shows how much ahead of its time the 5-550 was and/or how unfortunately, in order to keep the Chromebook prices lower the hardware really are not (from what I can see) for the most part significantly better.

    Chromebooks are still mostly 2 or 4 gb RAM, mostly 1366x768 displays, 16gb SDD, with Celeron or lesser processors, which do the job and have good price points...but there is not really a lot of options (there are some, but not many) between those plain Jane Chromebooks and the Pixel, which is the Chromebook dream laptop.

    It almost seems as though, buying a new Chromebook is more about which trade-offs you gotta do to get something that you like and the focus is on the cheap price than a good laptop sometimes. More what can you live without, to get enough of what you want if you want a new Chromebook.

    The reality is that

    Last week was a pretty good week, I took a couple of days off from running, which is pretty normal for me this time of year and I am pretty sure that I am going to just miss 2,015 for 2015. You know something I am not going to hurt myself to reach that mileage goal. My running right now is more about getting out, relaxing and enjoying the running, while trying to acclimate to the colder weather.

    Yeah, that colder weather thing and every year the acclimation process get harder and tougher to do.

    I know you noticed that I did change up the appearance of the blog a little. More of a clean-it-up job than anything else. I was finding things a bit too busy and harsh on the eyes, so I softened the colors and as much as the header meant to me - there was just too much going on with all the different photos of me. While this is a "me" blog, I don't need to be so in your face about it.

    The photos and taglines will change every so often, but I think the colors are a bit easier on the eyes.

    If I wait 3-4 months to buy another Chromebook (hopefully the battery on this one lasts that long), it means that I will get a higher quality machine and be happier, so instead of running right out and getting one now, waiting is probably the smart move. Then if I pay the same price as I did for my original 5-550, I have a feeling that I will be able to get more of what I want in a Chromebook versus settling on a $200 machine that will work for me, but not do everything that I want.

    Overall, a pretty good week and we keep plugging along.

    This post originally appeared on One Foot In Reality if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission, please go to my site to see the original post.


    1. I wish more stores sold PI shoes. I really dislike internet buying because of my goofy feet, but I (down the line) may have to if I want to try some more PI stuff. The original N1 roads were way too narrow for me in my normal size, so I had to go up a full size, which then made them too long. I did like their ride, although maybe a bit too minimal for my tastes.

      I'm really glad you found what works for you!

      1. I know, they are just a niche brand and hard to find locally most of the time. Their H3's or M3's are not minimal, but they are not soft or flexible which turns off a lot of people. Buying online is always an adventure and often doesn't work. It has been the source of several of my shoe issues, because I wouldn't have purchased several pair of running shoes if I had tried them on first or would have gotten a different size.

    2. The M3s sound like they'd be right up my alley actually, as I'm not a fan of crazy soft stuff as it is!


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