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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Crazy Old Guy Did An Extra 8.5

Yeah, I am re-purposing the photo links from Instagram, that are automatically turned into a blog post, to my runlog post for the day.

When I was walking up the driveway Mary was headed out for her run and told me she had to go into town to get some stuff at the store and that if I wanted to run into Augusta that today would be a "great" day to do it.

Ummm Houston, I just ran 5.0 miles with Bennie and now I have a great opportunity to do my long run, only a day earlier than I expected and I was already cooling down from my Bennie run.

So what does any self-respecting crazy-ass old bastid do when given the opportunity to run into town and then get a free ride back home. I checked to see if the Garmin was charged enough to get me through 8.0 or so miles (66% charge will easily get me there), drank a glass of water, left a note for Mary to leave the house at about noon to come pick me up, listened Bennie tell me he wanted to come with me in no uncertain terms and went out the door less than 10 minutes later to run at least another 8.0 miles.

My body and mind had figured out that I had already run 5.0 miles and you know most days that is just about enough mileage for one day. I had walked about a quarter mile and those 10 minutes in the house were just enough for my body to think it was time to relax for a little while.

Boy, oh boy did those first 4.0 miles suck and did I say how much those first 4.0 miles sucked. Because they really did suck.

Oh well, I got through them. I used every mental trick in the books to get me past the hill on the Middle road and when I finally got by the 4.0 mile point, it was either stop and wait for Mary, keep running to the Water District or turn-around.

I kept going.

Also, don't bother running on the Middle Road in the afternoon on a Saturday, there is too much frigging traffic and I spent at least a third of my time on the shoulders avoiding getting hit. Even so, at about 4.5 miles I saw a bicycle out of the corner of my eye going by and the next thing I knew a Black truck passed on my side of the road, within 2 feet of me to go around the bicycle on the other side.

It scared the hell out of me and I jumped into ditch, swore and called the driver every nasty name I could think of in the space of a nano-second. It wasn't like he couldn't see me - it was a flat stretch of the road and here I am wearing a fluorescent orange jacket and hat. The bike was on the edge of his side of the road, so there was no need for that driver to come so close to me - other than he was an asshole.

There needs to be a bicycle lane on the Middle Road for both bikes and pedestrians, I have seen too many close calls as a runner and driver on this road, sooner or later there will be a fatality and it will be too late for that person.

Then about a half mile down the road, this guy in another truck pulls over and asks "Can I bother you for a second?", he wanted directions to someplace that I had never heard of and when I told him "sorry, I don't have a clue what you was looking for", as I was backing way in the ditch to let other traffic go by. He looked pissed that I couldn't help him and drove off in a huff.

Compared to that stuff the rest of the run was actually pretty good.

My body got over the idea that we were doing a second run and that the sooner I got to the end, the sooner we could stop and relax.

How did the H3's do...no issues, no problems, just what I want.

Unfortunately, TheWife took a little longer on her shopping than we expected and I had to wait for almost 45 minutes out in 40*F with just my running stuff on, which was pretty soaked from sweating. Needless to say, I got a bit chilled and after eating lunch I sat in my chair with Bennie to take a nap.

Mary had been doing the bedding and suddenly this nice warm comforter settled over us. I pulled up my hoodie and the next thing I knew it was almost 3:00 PM. She said that neither Bennie or I moved very much and when she checked on us, all she could see was my nose.

I wasn't sure about this run and it was one of those runs where it was a TOUGH one mentally to keep putting one foot in front of the other and not call Mary to come pick me up early. The last 4.5 miles of the run were actually pretty good and I am glad that I did it, although I still think that those first 4.0 miles really did suck.

Yeah, I know -- I am just a little crazy when it comes to my running, but you know something else it is okay to push your limits from time-to-time and actually I did pretty well for as bad as those first 4.0 miles were.

Actually, I did a half marathon this morning. :-)

Have you ever done one run, then were given an opportunity to do another unexpectedly and went ahead and did it.

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