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Monday, December 21, 2015

Another Busy Day - But We Got a Run In - RunLog 12-21-15

This post originally appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Today is one of those days, where you know it is going to be...well busy. We have the contractor - ATeam - coming to fix the bathroom, Houle's to do the annual furnace tune-up, the Maxima heading over to ACAR getting some work done, squeezed in between Mary and I going to work and SD1's schedule.

Below is a photo I took after they lifted up the toilet/linoleum and the carpenter put his hand through the floor without too much difficulty. So yeah, it was time to get things fixed.

Yep, busy day.

Which meant that Bennie and I had to run early. I don't mind going early when things are busy, or running in the dark, but if I am running with Bennie, there has to be some light. Running in the dark with him is not good for my long term health and remaining injury free. :-)

We got out the door just a bit before daybreak and went through out back. As we were getting to the end of the tar, there was a critter in the road, due to the poor light I couldn't tell if it was a coyote or a small deer. The way it just stopped and looked at us, I wasn't sure and stopped, clapped my hands and whistled. It turned and bounded off into the brush...yep it was a deer.

Not a big deal.

If it had been a coyote, we would have turned around and ran towards Pepin Way, since around here coyotes do not usually run alone and Bennie would have been pretty difficult to control going by where they were. I have a healthy respect for them and do not needlessly or purposely put myself or Bennie in situations where we will have a confrontation with coyotes.

Also while running in the day break lighting, with my tri-focal glasses, my depth perception is not the best, so running on the rutted dirt road was a little slower, just to be sure that I didn't twist something or eat frozen dirt.

The run was just a nice run in 25*F weather. It wasn't like yesterday's 25*F with cold northerly wind chills down towards the lower teens, it was pretty still and the breeze was out of the south. It was warming up.

A typical Bennie run, but nothing really fast, just a nice run that I needed to get in before all the commotion around the house started. Now to see how close they are to being done before I leave for work.

When you own a house or a used car, it always seems there is something that needs to be done, but usually you do not have three things going on the same day. Poor planning on my part, but we will get through it.


  1. haha - and as you learn quickly, even a NEW house quickly becomes 'used'. :) Ours is about 8 years old, and all of the new stuff is no longer new - this year we put a new faucet system into the kitchen, new dishwasher, and now a new heater/boiler. fun :)

    1. Our home is 25 years old, Mary got it new, so we have been doing updating, rehab and fixing stuff a little bit each year. New kitchen sink and floor probably next on the agenda and then the master bath. However, the garage needs some work too, so we will see :-) Still have the original hot water heater and will probably upgrade to tankless when necessary.


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