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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another Rainy, Cold Run - RunLog 12-3-15

Yep, it was still raining and in the upper 30*'s when Bennie and I went out this morning. So down-back was muddier and getting nastier, which meant another day in the N1 Trails. Which definitely a good thing - they do everything that I ask of a shoe in the mud.

If you look closely you can see my footsteps and how deep each step was going into the road and this was the section that was still pretty firm. I have a feeling that the boys are going to go playing with the 4WD trucks and wheelers and pretty much screw up the road down back. Which is too bad, because the town did a great job on getting it in shape this year, but the guys that like to play in the mud are going to just do it.

With the softness of the road, there wasn't any going too fast, especially just before the the upper gate, where it gets very muddy and in a few places I was ankle deep.

It wasn't especially nasty or anything, just a slow run to get some miles in. Originally, I had planned to do a treadmill run before work, but there is just something about running outside in nasty weather that just takes the ummphhh out of me and I skipped it.

Oh yeah, Bennie's Christmas present came in last night and I have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to be a special shoe for me, he told me I HAD to try them on, to make sure they fit (no problems there) and just as I was starting to get all excited about getting them early. TheWife chimed and told me "that you gotta put them away, get them wrapped and wait for Christmas".

Bennie did his "huff" and I sighed and put them in the back room for wrapping. It isn't that far away. No photos until then, but Bennie did good.

Also, I got tired of the shoes being scattered over the area by the door and ordered a house Christmas present (one that doesn't have anyone's name on it, but it was something that was needed). I opened it early and put it together and I have a feeling that it is going to work great for what we wanted.

Don't worry, I have a feeling that there will not be too many open spots on this pretty soon, but in my row, there is a spot reserved for Bennie's present. ;-)

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  1. Now that's a shoe rack! I like a little organization.
    When my girls were home my front hallway looked like a bad day in the shoe department at Kohl's.
    I guess mud season isn't just for Spring.

  2. Andy - I saw it on Amazon, we had the same problem and I thought this was a great way to get organized a little better :-) Yeah, I would just have soon had it stay cold and all this rain, to have been snow, the road down back would be in a lot better shape next spring, as it is I wouldn't want to drive a car down through right now and would definitely put the truck in 4WD.


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