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Friday, December 11, 2015

Cold-Ass Rain Run - RunLog 12-10-15

Yet, another trip to the auto repair shop, luckily this one was just for the truck and its annual inspection, one of those inconveniences for newer vehicles, but one I agree with. It keeps some of the more unsafe ones off the road...well for the most part, unless they "know" someone. So it is just part of the routine, but still something else that HAS to be done.

Getting back to running, the inspection by the time they get the vehicle in and out takes about an hour, which means I can either sit around twiddling my thumbs and get a helluva headache (I don't do well with the odors there) or go for a run.

Of course I went for a run.

The only problem was that it was 37*F and raining pretty damn steady. Rain usually does not bother my running, frigging cold ass rain that is closer to freezing is just a pain-in-the-ass, but as long as there is no ice, I still go. It is also similar to the weather that I pulled the hamstring originally back in April 2014, so no speed work outside today.

All I did was just run.

Over a 9:00 minute pace and didn't push on the run, it was strictly for getting some miles in. Actually, once I got down on the rail trail I kind of enjoyed being about the only person out there and just sort of - went away for a little while.

I did think about going up the big hill towards the Airport, but decided not to at the last minute, it would have added about another mile onto the run and the B/R was calling. Except for having to cross Western Ave, I like the course, it has some fast areas and yes, you can do the hills too.

Overall, it was a nice, slow run in the cold-ass rain, but it was needed. The truck passed inspection without any issues, surprises or needed repairs, so I was happy about that and only having a $12.50 bill.

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  1. I was lucky yesterday - it had warmed up to about 40F and (more importantly) the rain had passed. It really is that time of year when just about anything can happen - Tuesday was 10 degrees colder than forecast, today was 10 degrees warmer! But the wind and cold rain makes stuff miserable!

    And yeah, car stuff ... always a joy :) Have to bring mine in soon, figure I'll do it somewhere over the Christmas break. Totally agree on the smells, but I tend to go in for routine stuff before work so I can't run ... which is too bad :)

    1. Yeah, that old saying "Wait a minute and the weather will change!" I just plan my runs around getting work done the vehicles. Most of my appointments are done in the morning before I go to work in the afternoon.


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