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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weather Made for an Interesting Run - RunLog 12-27-15

This morning as I write this, it is just damned cold - 16*F with a wind chill or feels-like down in the single digits. Which more than likely means Bennie and I won't be running outside, I just don't enjoy that kind of cold and Bennie is a short-haired dog, so he doesn't do as well out in that stuff either.

Which means that I probably will get over 2,000 miles for the year, but not 2,015, which is okay, but not quite what I wanted

Sometime you don't get to do what you expected or want, just because of the weather. To be safe, you gotta stay flexible and not worry about the little things.

Getting back to my run yesterday.

We had a bit of an ice storm, that turned to rain, that turned to flurry, that turned back to rain and finally ended after I got done running.

Bennie didn't get his run in, but got walked a lot. I don't like to run with him in that kind of weather, he still pulls too much, especially when vehicles go by.

The roads were bad enough that I didn't really want to drive into to town to get on the treadmill at Planet Fitness, which is what I usually do when the roads are crappy at the house. Yes, I have a 4WD truck, but 4WD drive doesn't really help that much on ice, you just go further into the ditch.

So I waited.

and waited

took a nap

and waited

Finally, the roads looked wet enough, instead of icy. Well enough to head out on and do some running. Going through down-back was slow going...

but doable.

Once I got over to Tiffany, the roads were wet, but the rain was damn cold - when I left the house it was 31*F and I was already soaked through. However, I was feeling pretty good, so I went for 5.0 miles instead of the planned 4.0, but when I to Notta Road I didn't turn around.

I couldn't.

I needed to get up to the snowmobile trail and visit some trees for quiet reflection time in private -- badly. All the crappy food I have been eating over the last couple of weeks decided it was time to leave and they were getting pretty impatient about leaving.

Phew...that was close, that extra half mile to the trail was not fun.

The good thing was that going back to the house the wind was at my back, which made the trip easier, plus I felt several pounds lighter hehehee. I did pick-up the pace a little until I got back to the dirt road and then I just slowed back down to a safe speed on crappy road.

6.0 miles in the crappy weather was a good run and I got to do what I wanted without pulling anything or hurting anything.

Now to fight the cold today (probably not fighting it), just gonna go get on the treadmill and relax in shorts and a t-shirt and not get all bundled up. Tomorrow's weather forecast is probably going to result in the first major snow of the year, so it is also a day to get thing ready for that too.

Oh, well I have a feeling that I won't be running outside in shorts and a t-shirt for a while ;-)

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