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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Monday's Runs a Couple of Days Late - RunLog 12-7-15

Wow, sometimes stuff that you want to do, gets overlooked or just pushed to the back burner and then not done. That is what happened with Monday's running log post. It is one that I really planned on doing since I did finally get over the Messalonskee Stream Trail, but in the crush of other stuff going on...well you get the idea.

So here it is

Run #1

It was your typical Bennie Run, faster, slower, stopped, run, chase, sniff, yeah Bennie was in charge of the pace during that first run.

Just a good run.

Run #2

This was the run that I was most excited about. I haven't been over to the Messalonskee Stream Trail in quite a while even though it is one of my favorite trails to run on, so I wanted to see how it looked.

Not much has changed, other than the roots are a little more exposed in places. This is one of those trails where you HAVE to pay attention or else you will turn an ankle or eat dirt pretty quickly. The number of roots, wood bridges and exposed rocks are worthy adversaries who will eat you for lunch if you let down your focus. Since it was cold the mud was frozen in most places, but that meant that the leaves had a nice amount of frost on them - making for interesting footing.

I did make it up the hill (the back way up to the powerline), although I think I could have fast-hiked, faster than I was supposedly running towards the end ;-).

While it is only a 3+ mile run, I can tell that it really works me harder than a road run or even a run over at Quarry Road, because of the uneven terrain and the focus you have to maintain. There are not a lot of chances to go into just run and zone out, which is a good thing.

Where will the bridge take me?

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