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Thursday, December 3, 2015

More Changes to the Blog's Appearance

You might notice a few changes to the look of the blog over the past few days.

What is going on Harold?

I thought you liked the header with all those photos of you, each of which told their own story and held so many memories for you.

  • I did.

I know that you are also a fan of bright colors, so the bright blue, orange and white played right into what you like.

  • They did.

Unfortunately, I just didn't like how the blog presented itself every time I went to re-read a post (which I do more often than you think).

Color scheme

The bright blue, orange and white, with red highlights color scheme didn't flow the way that I wanted it to. Having those brassy colors in my running clothes or shoes is one thing, but as the primary colors for my blog, well it just was not working for me.

Switching to more subtle shades of gray/darker red makes the blog feel a little less "in your face" and when I go there it seems a more welcoming and simpler.


The header was busy, fussy and just didn't seem welcoming either. Yeah, One Foot In Reality is about me and my journey, but having so damn many pictures of me, being the first thing you see when you see my blog, isn't what I or other people want to see all the time when they visit. They belong on my about page if any where.

No I am still not satisfied with the header photo and will be looking for the "right one" over the next few weeks. It will be a local photo of someplace that I typically run (not the driveway), hopefully it will have Bennie and I in it, but until then, I will cycle through a few of the scenery shots that I like a little better.


The old tagline was okay, but since I am not planning to put the name of the blog or tagline in the header photo, it gave me a little more flexibility about what I want to say to introduce me to readers. I go back and forth between using some great quotes or to simply state some of my beliefs and the direction I want to take One Foot In Reality.

The tagline is still a work in progress and I will probably change it more than a few more times.

The reality is that

I am attempting to slow down the major overhauls to the appearance of my blog and have done a little better than usual over the past few months. However, I also know me and realize that I will always be tinkering with something about the blog, especially when it comes to the colorways, header and taglines, it is just a part of who I am.

The big thing is that I need to stay with the same blog and that is going to be the test of time.

This post originally appeared on One Foot In Reality if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission, please go to my site to see the original post.

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