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Friday, December 25, 2015

New Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road V2 and Christmas Day - RunLog 12-25-15

A very Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that you and yours have had as wonderful a day as we have had - both weather-wise and enjoying one another's company.

We were looking for the red fox that we saw running around in the back yard. Not a good thing, but boy he sure was a beautiful creature.
If you are looking to only read about the N1 Road V2's and my initial impressions, please skip down a bit, otherwise you get the Christmas Day story as well as my first impressions of my new running shoes. :-)

Yep, it was the usual Christmas, we got up a bit too early, did a bunch of food prep, sorry folks the juicer didn't do so good on making Apple Cider (boo hiss), it came out the consistency of very fine apple sauce. After peeling a goodly amount of potatoes it was time for Bennie's exercise (otherwise he becomes totally obnoxious - typical Jack Russell Terrier, spastic and ADHD on speed, but we still love him).

Then Bennie and I did a quick trip down to Pepin Way and back, nothing overly serious, but we hadn't opened presents yet, so I ran in the H3's. I could tell my legs are still a little blah, but we got it done. The thing is I ran in shorts and a shirt this morning, it was warm out, almost 50*F with a nice little breeze, with bright sunshine (just about as perfect a day for running as I have had in quite a long while).

Also my new header
While we were finishing up I got several text messages from my Daughter in Minnesota and I waited until after we finished too look at the photos. They were amazing and the grandkids are growing so fast.

After I cleaned up to be semi-civilized around other people (Bennie just did his usual spit bath), we opened presents. He was pretty obnoxious racing around, trying to rip all the wrapping paper, wanting to play tug-o-war and just being a general nuisance. Just Bennie being Bennie.

Lots of work shirts, books to read, candy, a new heating pad (to ease the aches and pains that go along with being an old fart who loves to run) and...yes, I got the running shoes that Bennie promised me.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road V2 - quite a mouthful, so I will go about calling them N1 Road v2's or v2's most of the time.

No time to run in them - for now.

It was time for the feastivus of the day. Yes, we all ate too damn much, (pork roast, roast chicken, potato, stuffing, peas, squash, and all the rest, but the coconut cake and needhams were necessary evils to finish out the feast.
Mary and the girls
After cleaning things up a bit, Phil, Mary and I went over to the Viles Arboretum and proceeded to walk off some of the feast, versus the usual sit down and go sleep for a long part of the afternoon. I do love to run and go for walks there, it is never the same twice and just has a peaceful feeling to it.


After we got back from the walk, it was pretty dusky - well hell it damn dark, but still 46*F and I went out in shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt. I wasn't going to let small things like a bit of darkness, a still too full stomach or tired legs stop me from running in my new shoes.

It also felt great to not be running all bundled up, even though it was pretty dark out there.

How did the N1 Roads do. No blister, hot spots or discomfort. I was still pretty full from the feast, so I wasn't going to try to batter any land speed records tonight. 

I just ran comfortably and picked up the pace to race pace only once.

They did everything that I expected of them.

The N1 Road V2's were quiet, comfortable, run easy and I forgot having them on. All the things that matter most to me. Yeah, they are that gray, yellow, red colorway, that one I didn't like at first on my N2's, but I guess it has grown on me, because I really think that the N1's look pretty damn good.

It was a very good introduction to a new pair of shoes and comparing them to my N1 Road v1's, they have a better feel to them and I seemed to run easier in them than I did the V1's. I do like the change in the tread and I could notice the big difference in the flexibility compared to how I remembered the V1.

Overall, a very good first impression of what I want from my faster shoes. However, I don't really think that I would enjoy running in much less of a shoe or a true racing flat anymore. I have a feeling that the N1 Road is about as minimal as I would want to go, which means that I have some thinking to do about something else and make a decision by Monday.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I purchased this pair of Pearl Izumi N1 Road V2 from Running Warehouse. The opinions I have expressed are my own and your experiences with this product might be different from mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 

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