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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nice Recovery Run 5.0 Miler - RunLog 12-1-15

Even though I didn't do a speed workout yesterday on the treadmill, it was still a total of 8.0 miles with 4.0 at sub 8:00 minute pace, so the legs were a little tired. Which meant that I was listening and did one of those recovery runs.

Yeah, the "official" feels like was 18*F, with a light breeze out of the north, so I dressed accordingly. I have learned to trust the feels like temps more than what just the temp reads, which can be deceptive, very deceptive, especially if you are going to be out there for more than 20-30 minutes.

In my experience, a temperature of 28*F is very different from what 18*F or even lower when the breeze picks up just a few more miles an hour, which happens during this time of year pretty quickly. It is something that I try to stay aware of before I head out the door and where there is a large difference between the two or the fees like temps get down into the single digits, well I hear the treadmill calling.

 "Harold, Harold where are you? It is warm in here, you can wear shorts and t-shirt, work up a good sweat and not freeze your ass off!!!! Hhhhhhaaaaaaroldddddd come in and enjoy the run.
Oh, enough of that stuff, we did run 5.0 miles at a recovery pace and only picked it up a couple of times.

We just ran pretty steady for a Bennie run.

Although we did have the neighbors ShitSzu (yeah I know), rush through her electric boundary and go after Bennie on the road. Bennie was a good boy and just barked. I grabbed her and just held her down on the ground -- not hard, but I put her in a submissive position forced her to stay there - she stopped struggling when I did that and Bennie sat right down and behaved himself. I was more concerned about her getting hit in the middle of the road than anything else, so it kept her safe and neither dog got into that biting thing.

The owner came running out barefoot (remember it felt like 18*F) and was all apologetic. It wasn't a big deal, but was more of a distraction than anything else.

The run was a nice recovery run and we enjoyed being outside.

Notice that I am talking less and less about which shoes I am wearing...a good thing. It means that they are not part of the problem and I am just running.

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