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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Not running on that Down-back - RunLog 12-17-15

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I think the photo says a lot!!!

We got about a quarter inch of snow, nothing serious and the roads were mostly clear, even though it was 32*F with a steady drizzle. So, I figured that it wouldn't be too bad down-back and after 5 steps onto it, even with trail shoes on, I was slip, sliding all over the place.

It might have looked decent and quite runnable, but with the frost in, the little bit of snow, with freezing rain -- walking/running on this surface was closer to running on frozen slimey snot.

We turned around at that point. I have given up being tough and macho about my running in certain conditions and have learned the hard way that discretion is sometimes the better part of valor.

Now there are two things I hate running in ice and when it is raining in the 30's, when it is a combination of the two, it just ain't worth taking a chance on an injury.

Which meant that we turned around and did another run down to Pepin Way. Although it did get pretty exciting going down the bitch. From someplace there were 6 pickup trucks about 100 yards apart that went by us as we went down the bitch. Not a good thing with a spastic Jack Russell who uses vehicles to pickup the pace - A LOT.

Most days, it wouldn't be a bad thing, but the drizzle had gotten my glasses to the point of uselessness and that 32*F rain while it wasn't ice, there was still a little "slickness" feeling that ain't cool when your running partner wants to cruise at about sub 4:00 pace and you are holding him back to a 7:30 and that feels a little too fast for the conditions. Damn Dawg.

Otherwise just a nice cold rainy run, I didn't rush the pace and tried to just relax.

Run #2

I wanted another run, I have been eating like crap this week (finals week at work = lots of sugar and crap), so I did a quick treadmill 4.0 miler, nothing overly fast, but spent most of the time at sub 8:00 pace which for this time of year was pretty good.

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  1. I'm with you man - ice is just not worth it anymore. I don't feel like a badass when I'm slipping and sliding around like a baby deer learning to take their first steps; I feel and look like a dumbass :)


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