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Monday, December 14, 2015

Outside and Inside Runs - RunLog 12-14-15

The weather is still a lot warmer than normal for this time of year, I mean 36*F and light drizzle ain’t warm. However, the good thing is there is not any snow, the cold-ass winds are being held at bay and those mid-teen temps are not in the forecast.

Even so the drizzle/rain when it is 35*F, just ain't cool to run in. Hypothermia happens all too easily and I have pulled too many muscles running in that stuff, so I tend to either take it slower or get my butt inside.

Yes, I know Old Man Winter will not forget about us - I am sure Mother Nature will make sure of that, but the reprieve is nice. I mean not having to bulk up on the clothes outside and not retreat to multiple treadmill runs per week is pretty damn nice.

Run #1 - Pepin Way O/B 4.0 Miler

We started out pretty comfortably and then coming down the hill we did pick-up the pace a little. Well there really isn’t any choice about it, going down that hill. However, there was a lot more traffic than I expected coming up Shepard Road, I mean three cars in a quarter-mile “come on man - that is ridiculous” hehehee.

Down on Pepin Way the continued new home construction adds to the traffic, but otherwise it was quiet. We did pretty good going down to the end of the tar and it will be interesting to see how much further they go with the road after the next two houses are done.

Running-wise we just went right along, coming back out of Pepin Way, it is slightly uphill and then coming back up the bitch, well I slowed down. I wasn’t looking to do any kind of speed workout up it.

As you can see on the graph, once we got to the top we picked up the pace pretty good. It helped that a car went by and Bennie went into chase mode. I was planning on running a little faster at the end, but not quite that much faster :-) Damn Dawg hehehe

The we finished up at the end of the tar.

Overall, a pretty good run, probably the best outside run since the T-day race. My motivation to run fast outside has pretty much sucked lately and I have been satisfied with just plugging along. So I was a little surprised that I managed a 8:16 pace for the run, without really pushing.

Run #2 - Planet Fitness Treadmill

The weather got nastier as the day went on and while I wanted to do another run, doing it in 35*F with a steady drizzle…well just wasn’t appealing to me.

So I decided to go to Planet Fitness and do 5-6 more on the treadmill. Nothing faster than 7.5 mph (8:00 minute pace) and just relax and enjoy running in shorts and a t-shirt.

The first mile was pretty uneventful, a nice steady 7.2 mph and then around 1.5 miles I got that familiar urge (too many Lentils) and made it to 2.0 miles and took a bathroom break.

That break really broke my focus and after I got going again I had lost my motivation to do 5-6 and settled for a total of 4.0.

I had to really dig deep mentally to get those 4.0 extra miles, physically I was fine, but I did.not.want.to.do anymore once I got off for the bathroom break.

Sometimes that is just what happens and you deal with the head games as best you can.

Even so, a total of 8.0 miles for the day ain’t too bad for December.

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