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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quarry Road Trails - RunLog 12-8-15

What a difference a year makes, last year at this time it was 2*F and the roads were nasty, today it was mid 30's*F and everything was clear. Clear enough that after dropping things off at the post office, Bennie and I headed over to Quarry Road in Waterville for what will probably be our last run there until next spring.

Unless the snow stays away for a few more weeks.

They have done a lot of work over there and the back loop is now all groomed dirt.

It looks like the snowshoe trails are going to be very interesting, will have to get out my small ones and do some snowshoe running this year, just as a change of pace. I can feel the leg and lungs burning already - just thinking about it.

Oh well getting to today's run

For some reason or other, I just never run fast over here and today, the first Mile Bennie had to empty everything and sniff/mark/sniff again, so it was a really slow go that first mile.

I do like Quarry Road, even though the hills to be honest kick my ass bad. Even on the River loop it undulates, nothing over big, but it is up and down all the way through, at least that is how it seems. Not a whole lot of flat areas, other than the access road.

Yeah, going up that hill got me bad, did a little walking in those two areas. Actually going down the big hill was trickier, because it is still all grass and with last night frost and it was still pretty mmmm not icy, even though there were patches of ice, no, it was more icy grass, which doesn't give a lot of grip, especially with my H3's, so I purposely went slow down the hills in that area.

When we got down to the road, we picked the pace back up and finished the run well. I wore the Pearl Izumi H3's because I haven't been in them for a few days and I knew that the trails over at Quarry Road are for the most part, usually runnable with road shoes. They did really well until we got to the icy grass and then I would have preferred my N1 Trails with the extra grip.

After two days in a row of trail runs, my legs are a little tired, but a good tired. Although the trail pace is a lot slower than my road paces, I have a feeling that I am getting a helluva lot better workout in running the trails. All parts of my body feel the after-effects :-).

This was Bennie in the truck on the way home, when we went by McDonald's. He was laying down in the seat, getting ready to snooze and when we went by, his nose started twitching, then he lifted his head and started wagging his tail.

"We gonna stop Dad and get a burgie". "Nope, no cash." Bennie just laid his head back on the seat and did his doggie sigh. ;-)

Damn dawg!!! hehehehe

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  1. Hey, Harold. You're making me jealous! I hope to be back out on those trails soon.

    1. Ron - I have a feeling that I will quickly be the one who is jealous once you get to running again. If the snow holds off I might try to get back over there again next week and struggle up that damn back hill and who knows, I might try to be real stupid on the way out and do one or two repeats up the old ski lift trail. The heart attack special hill training. ;-)


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