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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Running After Work - Its Dark - RunLog 12-22-15

This post originally appeared on One Foot In Reality.

The past couple of days have been pretty much full screech mode.

Which meant that running was a back burner item...which is not something that I want to be a regular thing.

When you add in my lack of running motivation lately - those December blahs, that I seem to get every year.

As a result, I wasn't too sure about whether or not I would get a run in or not today.

However, I also know that I have been eating beau-coup, mega, gigantic portions and all those other words for I am eating too damn much and too much of the things I really shouldn't be or don't need, plus work has been tough with finals. That combo means that I NEEDED to run versus simply wanting to run.

If wanted to run today, it was going to have to be after work.

After work is after 8:00 PM most nights, but I worked a deal with my boss and got out 45 minutes early. Even so, I haven't run at night in a long time.

Yes, I made sure that I had on lots of reflective gear and a flashlight. Even though it was a dark and cloudy night with a few rain sprinkles, surprisingly, I really didn't need the headlamp, except to let 6 cars know I was there. I could see no problem and this is an old country road, so it was pretty cool.

The run was nothing exceptional, I ran slow to get warmed up a bit, then I pushed a couple of spots, but it wasn't really a speed work session more like a Bennie run, but without Bennie.

Speaking of Bennie he was pretty pissed when I put my running gear on and that I was going to run without him. He let me and the rest of the house know that he wasn't happy about me heading out into dark without him to protect me.

I got the run in and I am glad that I didn't put yet another DNR in the log today.


  1. There was a discussion about 'morning dark' vs 'evening dark' on another blog ... and I definitely feel they are different in many ways. I prefer mornings, but will do evenings as you mention to avoid a DNR :)

    1. Yes Mike I agree on that...evening dark is when all the night things are just coming out to play and have time to do whatever mischief or hunting they will be doing. Morning dark is when all the night things are settling in to hide from the light and don't have the time to bother. I prefer the evening runs myself, the mornings and I are not that happy with one another. That and for some reason, I see better in the dark of evening than I do in the morning dark - there is a difference for me. :-)


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