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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week in Review - 12-6-15

The week that was.

Yeah, I can tell I have finally hit December. The motivation to get out and run "extra" just is not there. I have enjoyed a GREAT year of running, but since Thanksgiving, my body and mind are now in maintenance mode, even though from time-to-time I get to thinking that I should do more, but end up just doing enough to say that...yes, I ran today.

No, I will not get 2,015 miles in for the year. I might, but probably will not quite make 2,000 miles and I am okay with it. For the rest of 2015, I just want to relax, enjoy and do whatever the body/mind combination wants of me when it comes to running.

Blogging. I am still tweaking the appearance of One Foot In Reality a bit, some cosmetic changes that made it a little more welcoming, easier on the eyes and yes, I am still looking for the right header, so that will change as I keep looking for the "right" one. The tagline is pretty close to giving readers a quick this is what I am doing here.

Yeah, first and foremost, OFIR is my personal running log and journal -- for me that is enough.

My favorite photo from the week:

It just shows the slimey mud and stuff we have been running in down back.


My training last week consisted of:

Naw, I don't have a lot of interest in recapping what I did last week, maybe next week's recap post will get back to doing it again. I did run all 7 days and that might be my goals for December, to just run to the end of the month.

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -

Saturday -

Sunday -


    Over 30.0 miles and just feeling blah, I get out there but not with any real zest for running. The shorter days, no big races or goals right now and the holidays seem to take it out of me. I will get it back around the start of the new year and will get psyched for 2016 and the new goals that I have sort of, kind of, though about doing.


    New gear - None

    New Shoes - None

    Shoes I ran in last week:
    • Pearl Izumi EM/H3 v1 - My 50 Mile Review. It says pretty much everything that I need to say about them. I did take the LockLaces out and put back in the stock laces, there is just something about PI shoes and LockLaces that is not a good combination for me, even though I love the convenience, when I am running using them is not the same level of comfort. So, I will save them for other shoes or to use when I retire the PI's to walking shoes.

    Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail v1 - are over 50 miles, doing great and here is the 50 mile review. They did great in the mud and slop down-back this past week.

    Pearl Izumi N2 Roads - I got the problem figured out. They didn't like the LockLaces and I can run comfortably in them again. Sometimes it is the smallest things.

    I have over 400 miles on the N2's and will probably be doing a second retirement post at the end of December - they are starting to get tired, the sole is starting to peel in some places, but they still have a little life left in them. However, with these shoes you never know, they have more lives than a cat and maybe have a few more left.

    Altra Torin 1.5 - I have pulled them out the back of the garage and made them into my primary walkers and work shoes. I was starting to use my H3's as this and that is not what I got them for, so I looked around for comfortable shoes that I could use with the LockLaces. These already had them in it and after walking around a few times in them, they are doing what I want. No, I don't see me running any in them, but they do give a nice change of style to work in.

    I have pretty much settled into a nice 3 shoe rotation:

    • Pearl Izumi H3 Road: Recovery and long runs on the roads
    • Pearl Izumi N2 Road: Race Day, treadmill and speed work
    • Pearl Izumi N1 Trails: Every thing else and then some

    Bennie is going to get me a pair of Pearl Izumi N1 Road v2's for Christmas, he let me have a sneak peek at them to try them on, just to make sure they fit, before TheWife saw what we were doing and told me to take them off, so they could get wrapped for Christmas. Gonna be fun running in them I have a feeling.


    No changes here, hamstrings are still there, a touch of runner's knee that I seem to get around this time most years when I have run a lot, otherwise I am gaining a little weight (which is okay, but not too much), from not being as careful about my eating and treating myself to too many sweets.

    Just the way it is.

    Otherwise, I am doing well.




    When my Samsung 5-550 finally does stop doing what I want, I am pretty sure that I will get a Acer Flip Chromebook. After doing lots and lots of reading, research I think that it fits into the niche I am looking for in a Chromebook - great portability, good battery, a touch screen, with a decent screen, yes I would be happier with an I3 processor, with 8gb of RAM, but I don't really need it for what I am doing now with my laptops.

    Hell, I even turned on my ASUS Windows 10 laptop this week for the first time since I got my Chromebook and a half-hour later, I was able to do something on it. It burped, farted, froze, shut-down, updated, restarted and farted some more - hell I thought it might be turning into a minion.

    This was after not using it for only 2 weeks. Oh well, it did what I needed, opened a .pub estimate from the contractor to repair one of the bathrooms, so we could get that project started. However, all that stuff just reminded me of all the things that I dislike about Windows based machines.

    What I use a computer for now -- mostly consumption, with the ability to write blog posts. The more that I use a Chromebook, the more that I realize that I really do not need the power of a WIN10 Machine very often and can easily live within the Chromebook abilities.

    The reality is that

    I ran a little more than the week before, but I still didn't run as much as I have been most of the year. The body and mind are both kind of tired and have gone into maintenance mode. Even blogging has kind of slowed down a little...I don't have that overwhelming desire to share the last boring run down-back in the mud, yet again.

    Who knows, maybe this week, I will run in a few other places, just to get a nice change of scenery. I know that I gotta get the last of my Christmas shopping done and get the box out to the Katie, I was only supposed to send it last June, so it will be a combination kind of thing.

    Overall, another pretty good week and we keep plugging along.

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