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Friday, December 11, 2015

YECH!!! Nasty, Sloppy, Goopy Run - RunLog 12-11-15

Yeah, the title says it all.

Bennie and I went out for a 5.0 mile run to the Town Office and back, the temps were pretty good 46*F, foggy and raw. Unusual for December 11th, but hey I will take it.


Houston we have a problem.

This was the good section. In the bad sections I didn't bother stopping, the footing was just nasty. After all the rain, warm weather and stuff, the frost is definitely coming out of the ground and creating a muddy, soupy, sloppy, unholy mess.

You can't really see how muddy Bennie is in this photo, but he was a mud pie by the time we got to the Blake Road, Bennie (who is often smahter than I am) decided enough was enough. He stopped looked up at me, looked down the road and turned around and went back towards the house.

He wasn't impressed.

This is back at Stevens' Lower Gate, looking up the hill. It seemed like every step was at least a slime step or worse an ankle deep suck hole.

Yep, the frost definitely came out.

I might go for a treadmill run after work, but heading back out do a little more this morning just doesn't interest me. The legs felt the mud and slime too much, it was probably one of the toughest 1.5 mile runs I have had in a long, long time. I don't mind mud, slime and stuff, but Bennie decided he had enough and even coming back he wasn't too enthusiastic about running.

He just wanted to get home.

Now that I am home, I don't have the motivation to get back out there to do more right now. However, the N1 Trails did better than I would have expected in this kind of mud. They didn't let the mud clump up like a lot of shoes would have and while the tread isn't super aggressive, it was clean enough to still have enough grip that I felt confident of staying upright and not slip/sliding around enough to pull something.

Not a great run, but still 1.5 more than I had before it.

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