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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Bit Warmer - RunLog 1-6-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Lately, I have not had a lot of ummppphhhhh when I get home from work...at least enough to want to write a blog post about how my run went that day. Been doing a lot of technical writing/reading at work and just don't have anything left by that time.

Which means that you get the news about how my run went a day late and a dollar short - as if my running really does mean anything in the overall scheme of things ;-).

Oh well here it is anyway.

It is amazing how 17*F degrees feels one day compared to another. Monday's 2.0 miles the temps on the thermometer said 17*F and with that wind straight out of the north made it almost unrunnable. Yesterday it was 17*F also and after a few days of frigid temps it felt damn near balmy.

Bennie and I headed out the door and just walking down the driveway there was no doubt that we would not be running down-back. If the driveway is full of white ice then down-back would be worse. So we ran down to Pepin Way, not my favorite course, because it means coming back up the Bitch, but unless I want to drive 10-13 miles, to run with Bean in town, it is all we have right now.

The run was pretty uneventful until we got to the lower half of Pepin Way...the Town only maintains the upper part, so the lower part had patches of ice on the road. Which meant that we had to pick our paths instead of just bulling our way through in a straight line and stay on tar whenever we could and be on the ice as little as possible. So we did slow down on that part of the run.

Coming back up a lady was out walking her dogs off-leash and when she looked back, you could see her shake her head, call her dogs and put their leashes on. As we got closer, I said "Hi" and she turned and just glared at me. She had such a sour look - as if I was ruining her day, but she did leash her dogs, which was the important thing. As we went by Bennie started his usual "I'm the KING act" and it wasn't a big deal, but it seemed to piss her off even more. So I laughed at him and said a bit loudly "Let's run and have some fun".

I heard some muttering behind me from her, but Bennie and I were running down the road with him playing tug-o-war...I was laughing and just enjoying the run.

We didn't rush the pace, but even so the first couple of miles were faster than I expected when I looked at the splits.

I haven't run that much in the H3's recently due to weather conditions, but I can definitely feel the difference between them and the N1's (Road v2 & Trail v1) I have been doing most of my runs in lately. The extra cushioning and the smoothness of the ride just lets me run in them without thinking about the shoes. The H3's are a great change of pace shoe for my recovery days and the heavier feel, does remind me that when I am wearing them that this run is not about speed but simply running comfortably. Some days you need that more than anything else.

Overall, it was one of those runs where we just ran relaxed, had a little fun (even though the tug-o-war, coming up the Bitch was a bit exasperating) and got in some miles outside which we both needed.

Running on the treadmill is okay, but I still prefer to run outside, whenever I can.

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  1. You're nicer than me. I would have chastised that person into the ground in regards to their unleashing tendencies. There are few people that love dogs as much as I do, but if I feel as if me or by dog are in danger...

    People should leash their dogs.


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