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Monday, January 18, 2016

A Change of Plans - RunLog 1-18-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

This morning the roads had an inch or so of snow, which is not a big deal, but I discovered when walking Bennie on the snowmobile trails that once we got on the road, that the combination of slush and black ice under the snow, wasn't fun walking and would have been miserable for running the 8.0 miles I had planned for today.

Nope we didn't run them, still a little too soft for good running.
Which meant that I needed to drive into Augusta and run on the treadmill.

No biggie, the roads were not bad once I got to the Middle Road, sometimes living on a tertiary road in a rural area does have its disadvantages. Oh well, just part of the deal.

Once I got on the treadmill, I didn't try to push the pace and kept increasing the pace a bit every couple of miles. Surprisingly, I felt pretty strong the entire way and did a couple of 5% inclines for a minute.

It is something that I am going to work on, doing more hill work - something I know that I need, even though I am not crazy about it.

I did forget my waist pouch and had to sit my phone i.e. music player on the treadmill to listen to the music (something that helps the time go by), usually once I start it is too much of an inconvenience to frig, fart around to skip or find a particular song. However, with it sitting on the treadmill it was too tempting to play around with the songs.

Yeah, I got too cute and dropped the damn phone and had to stop and pick it up. Dumbshit.

Oh well lesson learned.

Then of course, at the 60:00 minute mark the treadmill shut down and needed to restart to finish up the 8.0 miles. Not a big deal, but still a pain-in-the ass.

Overall, the run was quite good and I was happy to be able to run that comfortably the day after a faster run yesterday. The couple of hill surges I threw in really didn't feel that bad and I have a feeling that some of my problems with hills is right in my head, not so much the old body.

So I gotta work on that part of things.


  1. Few things are as humbling as a good phone plunge mid-treadmill run!

    Hills for me seem to always be more mental. If I just internally shut up and just run, I realize that I can do them much better than I think I ever can.

    Of course - it also needs to be said that you are running MUCH faster than I am, so I can't relate to speed + hills! ;)

    1. Yeah I felt like a dufus tracking down the phone, while the treadmill was still going and then having to hop back on. Hills are hills they are pretty much a part of most races and runs around here, so gotta do them and get better at running them again. Speed is relative and fast for one person is slow for another, I know a lot of runners that my fast runs are their easy training pace, so fast is individual. I have a feeling that in a few years, you will be passing me like a whippet, you got youth and motivation on your side, all I got is experience and old-guy legs.


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