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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Damn Cold Run and Then the Treadmill - RunLog 1-4-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well...waking up to frozen pipes is not what I had expected to be writing about first thing this morning (the plan was to write about my runs yesterday - I did too much writing at work yesterday and didn't feel like it when I got home). Instead I got up to find out that water wasn't coming out of the faucet when I turned them on.

That means it is going to be a major - Pain in the ass!

Which meant that I to crawl around under the house when it got light out in temps close to zero degrees fahrenheit that 0*F, lay with my ass in the snow bank, while using Mary's hair dryer to de-thaw, where the pipe insulation somehow was laying on the pad and not wrapped around the pipe where it was supposed to be.

Damned squirrels - that is about the only thing I can think of that could have done this.

I will get even...someday.

Luckily it didn't take too long to un-freeze the pipe and I didn't see any leaking or anything so that issue seems to have been avoided. We have water again, but it does make you realize (even if it is only momentarily) how much we take for granted having something as being able to turn a knob and suddenly water appears.

One of the joys of modern living. Like being able to write on the this blog ;-)

Well time to write about yesterday's runs.

I have stopped running down-back until the footing improves, the amount of white ice that I have to contend with down there causes my achilles and hammies to bother more than they do when I run on better surfaces. I am unwilling to risk injuries to just run down there or many of the local trails for a while with the icier or hard packed snow conditions for a while.

Not what I really want, but it is the way it is for me for a while.

Yeah, I could use my screw shoes or YakTraks, but they also do change how I run just enough that they cause other problems, so as long as the roads are clear and it remains colder I will be doing roads or treadmill for a while.

Run #1

The thermometer said 17*F, but when I looked at my phone to see what it was saying, that damned minus sign showed it ugly mug. It was saying that with the wind chills it was -7*F brrrrrrr. Now I don't care about the cold so much, but that damn wind in those temps is a killer.

I bundled up and expected to do a mile, let Bennie do his thing and go back inside. Especially, when we turned around and came back into that damned wind. Cold isn't what I would call it, frigid, freezing, bracing and all those other terms that tell you that it was colder than hell.

Yeah, it took my breath away and then I could still feel the cold through my layers. I was glad to be wearing the balaclava and was able to cover most of my face.

After just a short time running into that wind, I was ready to not run outside.

However, we got back to the house and Bennie was hell-bent to keep running. So I figured what to hell and we did another lap. When we finished the second mile, Bennie didn't argue at all and high-stepped his butt right up the drive, into the house and promptly jumped in my lap to warm-up again once I sat down.

Two miles was enough running outside for me yesterday

Run #2

I had a great lunch after running outside of scramble eggs, black pepper, crushed red pepper and ground turmeric (this is important, so bear with me). Then I headed to Planet Fitness for a treadmill run. I wasn't sure about what workout to do, but I figured I that I would go by how I felt.

It felt great to be running in shorts and t-shirt, which was a LOT different than my earlier run! Strangely I was feeling pretty strong, but I had a haircut appointment in less than an hour from when I stepped on the treadmill, so I was probably limited to 3.0 miles or so.

1.0 - 7.5 mph - about 8:00 minute pace
.50 - 7.6
.50 - 7.7
.50 - 7.8 - mmmmmm Harold what are we doing? Going a bit fast aren't we?
.50 - 8.1 - Feeling too good to stop right then.
.25 - 8.2
.25 - 8.3
.25 - 8.7 - starting to get a lot harder, but still feeling good and guess what song started playing
.25 - 9.2 - Yep - Shipping up to Boston and yes, I decided to do it to it.

My heart-rate was through the roof at the end and I was breathing pretty good, but I did it!!! A tough progression run that I was able to push through the last lap.

Unfortunately, I forgot to turn-off my GPS on my watch so the footpad and GPS really didn't do the job on recording accurately the pace/distances, so I can't look back and see what I did.

Oh well, just got to remember to shut-off the GPS when running on the treadmill.

Something I do have to think about is what I ate before hand. The eggs, turmeric, black pepper, crushed red pepper combination really agreed with me and didn't cause any problems. I have a feeling that I will try this combo a few more times to see if it is something I need to keep doing before a tough run.

Well...the cold is here for a couple of days, but it is the big winds in the cold that bothers me more than anything and yesterday was a good example of that. You just have to deal with it and/or move inside to the treadmill.

Then this morning having to deal with frozen pipe, reminds me of how much we tend to take things for granted, until it is taken away (even if it is temporarily). Sometimes life just gets in the way of what you have planned.

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