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Monday, January 11, 2016

A Surprise 5.0 Miler - RunLog 1-11-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

After my mini but careful demo session on Saturday, I woke up with a right shoulder and side stiff and not doing a lot of moving without groaning and moaning. Hell I was even bruised and sore all the way down from my  to my knee and the right ankle/side of the foot wasn't feeling to pretty either. All that time of laying on my right side as I beat the hell out of the 3/8 sheet of particle board under the sink and not manage to wreck the waterlines, put extra holes in the floor or exterior wall, didn't leave the body in great shape the next day.

Which meant that even with the rains on Sunday, it was a day I chose not to run. The olde body needed a day off.

It got it.

So I wasn't too sure about how today's run was going to be. I was still pretty damn sore and stiff this morning, so I just did an easy walk with Bennie and then took off to the gym for a treadmill run. I figured that would be the safest way to do things, since I could stop at any point and just step off, instead of having to walk back to the house.

The Run

Even though I was a bit stiff, I still felt pretty strong, so I figured on a short, fast and sweet 3.0 and started off at 7.6 mph and then increased it to 7.7 mph to 2.0 miles. All the Apple Pies and other assorted stuff I scoffed down this weekend caught up with me and I had to briefly stop the treadmill and make a pitstop. When it happens it always seem to be right around the 2.0 mile mark.

After I got back on, I did move right along.

I did feel good and the soreness/stiffness seem to work its way out the more I ran. It probably was the best treadmill 5.0 miler I have had in a while. I was going to stop at 4.0 miles because I was running out of time and needed to get to work, but I figured that if I could go ahead and run a fast last mile and take a sea shower, that I would still get to work on time.

The last mile wasn't as fast as mile 4.0, but it wasn't too bad, especially since I did an 8:00 pace to get my breath after that first fast quarter.

The N1 Road V2's are quickly becoming my favorite shoes for running fast(c'mon for me), I don't think about them and just run. Although Tailor's Bunionette has been bothering since Saturday's fun and games. It didn't bother during the run, so I don't think it is anything serious.

Overall, a very good run considering, I wasn't even sure I was going to run or not today.

Down-back is in pretty good shape after the rains yesterday and I might go for a run down there after I do Bennie's run.

It is still a bit icy for going down there with Bennie, but by myself I should be fine. However, with a big snow maker coming in tomorrow afternoon I have a feeling it might be the last chance for a while or at least until the snowmobilers start to pack things down.

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