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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Central Maine Striders 36th Annual January Thaw - Race Report 1-17-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

For more photos of the race, please go to Maine Running Photos - Thank you David Colby-Young for all of your hard work to give runners all the great photos.

The first race of the year is always a good check of where I am and how much work I need to do to get where I want to be. Plus it was my first race as a Pearl Izumi Run Champion, so I wanted to have a decent race.

I learned that I got a LOT of work to do.

But that is okay, I know what I gotta do.

Getting back to the race.

The finish line of today's race
When I left the house, it was 13*F, bright sunshine and the roads were nasty enough that I kept it in 4WD until I got out to the Belgrade Road, so the sides of the roads were pretty nasty from yesterday's storm. However, I had already decided before I even left the house that I was going to run comfortably hard, not race.

After getting registered and talking with everyone (you know getting caught up with people you have not seen for a while), I went out to warm-up and see how the road conditions were going to be. Better than I thought, but still not great, if you could run in the travel lane it was wet, with icy spots - the sun and the salt was melting the snow/slush off the road pretty good. Which really helped - a lot.

After the race, it melted a lot during the race, but that slushy stuff with some icy spots underneath made things interesting
Even so, if you get off the travel lane the sides of the road were slippery and immediately slowed you down, so you didn't fall down. However, it was warming up pretty quickly, so at the last minute I took off my fleece vest and it was absolutely the right choice, I would have overheated during the race if I hadn't.

Only 17 runners (13 female and 4 male, so who is the fairer/tougher sex - hehehehe) showed up due to the poor conditions and temps, so it was a small field and I knew most of the runners.

I started out well, but the first part of this course is a slight grade and it kicks my ass every year I have run it, until we get to the little downhill section, I just can't seem to get my breathing under control, although I did hold onto second place through the first mile.

Yeah, I did make the conscious decision I just wasn't going to with the guy who passed me today. I started to think about it when we were running together for a short ways, but I got into the crap on the side of the road and quickly changed my mind.

2nd place finisher - he was 61, so I still got my AG hehehehe
I just let him go.

Not a big deal, I really had made the choice before the race even started to not turn this into a race, so I wasn't mentally into pushing hard today. Although I have a feeling he is a little faster than I am

I kept running and stayed in the travel lane unless there was a vehicle coming and then would move into the crap and slow down pretty good. Going up that hill gets me every year and this year was no different, I slowed down more than I wanted to and then picked it back up coming around the other side.

You can see that this was not a really consistently paced race, I was all over the place. So the graph tells me that I have to work on my pacing and hills (which have been kicking my butt lately).

I do know that it was nice getting out and pushing the pace a little faster than I have been recently, especially outside.

Overall race winner


I know it was great to see so many runners that I have not seen this year, the race I did better than I thought I would place-wise, just because I did show-up and was happy with the effort level I needed to get that time. It isn't my fastest time on this course, but I was happy with it due to the road conditions.

A good race with lots of great people.

Now - I have to get myself out of maintenance mode, lose the 10 pounds I gained and start training a little more seriously than I have for the past couple of months.


  1. Sounds like an overall 'win' - you did pretty well, had a good time, got to be out and social, all good stuff! And like you say it gives you a 'baseline for the start of the year.

    1. Thanks Mike, Yeah it was a nice little, local race, I had fun gabbing and talking and know how much work I have to do to get where I want to go. :-)


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