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Friday, January 8, 2016

Damn Dawg - RunLog 1-7-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Sometimes I wonder about dogs. Bennie is spoiled and I know that he gets treated better than many people do but...

No, nothing bad has happened. However, Bennie is either smarter than I am or he is just being ornery. Lately, he has been playing the hard to get doggie. When I want to take him out for a walk or run, he literally runs the other way and goes in circles around the inside of the house so that I can't get him.

He will not come when he is called, which gets a little frustrating when you want to get going.

However when the Wife or SD1 call him to come to the door and get in his harness, he goes to them without any issues??? It has gotten so bad that if I want to get going on a run or a walk that one of them have to go by the door and call him over, so I can get him harnessed up.

As you can see if I sit down in the chair he jumps up in my lap. So he isn't scared of me or anything, but he is either playing or really punishing me for leaving him in the afternoon when I go to work.

Well yesterday we went through that whole, come on let's get going, run around the living room/dining room/kitchen routine for about half an hour and I finally got fed up and just left without him to go on the run. It was weird leaving him in the house, but he wasn't willing to get ready, so he got left behind.

The 3.0 miles were nothing special, just an easy run doing laps up on top. Still it didn't feel quite right not having Bennie with me for it when I had expected to run with him. Usually, I do 4-5 if I have time in the mornings. So I stopped and went in to see if he was ready to go for a run.

He did greet me at the door when I came in, but when I gave the stay/sit command, so I could put on his harness, he just ran off again. I just sighed and sat down in the chair and he immediately jumped up and curled up in my lap as usual.

Later on I tried getting him to go out for a walk and he wouldn't. Which meant that I had to do the old hold him and carry from the chair to get in his harness routine that I have used recently so I can get him out for a walk. Once he is over getting his harness on and out the door he is fine. Just getting him to come to me by the door that ain't working well.

Perplexing and more than a little frustrating.

Damn dawg.

However, one way or another I have to break him of this running off from me thing. Especially, if we are outside, it could prove to be dangerous for him and if anything happened to Bennie it would break my heart. Yes, I have tried the treat, toy and other bribes and they don't work.

Oh well, just gonna work through it and get him back to being excited about me taking him outside again. Maybe a week off from running is what he needs :-).

I have a feeling that I will be missing my running partner this week, but he will get outside for his 'walks" one way or another.


  1. ugh ... not fun with Bennie, but it is definitely something you want to break. It is hard when they are spoiled like that ... but you need to regain control.

    We thought our older terrier (who turned 11 last year) would be lucky to see the fall and not at all likely to see Christmas. But through the combination of a blood pressure pill and a pain pill, she is doing fairly well. But the first half of last year she got over-indulged, and so we had to work on breaking some bad habits and STILL see some of them ... as for our 15 year old 'cancer kitty' ... forget it, he's a nightmare! haha

    1. Yeah, we have been working on it for the past couple of days and he is getting the idea of what we want from him. I know that I tend to spoil our critters too much, but at the same time they are a part of our family. I have a feeling you are pretty much the same way ;-).


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