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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Great Tempo Run and New Toshiba Chromebook 2 -- RunLog 1-21-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Hey, I finally got my new Toshiba 2015 Celeron Chromebook - what a difference there is on the screen!!! It looks fantastic and is very comparable to my ASUS Flip Windows machine. I am still getting used to the keyboard, but everything else is a very good first impression.

Which means my old Samsung 5-550 is now officially my bang around, go everywhere laptop - something that I have needed and wanted for a while.

We have someone out at work for an extended period, so my my boss asked if I could be flexible/creative, with my schedule to cover different peak periods than my normal 3-8 time for a couple weeks. Not a big deal, but it does kind of screw up my usual morning run with Bennie and then going for the second run at 1:00 or so either at the gym or a different run. So if I want to run again or if I miss my morning run, I have to run after work. Not really ideal, but the way it is.

Well, let's get back to running.

I was going to run this morning, but you know something, that below zero to single digit wind chill - it just didn't appeal at all to me after getting out there yesterday.

The photo is from yesterday, but it looked exactly the same today, cold as a witches teet or so the saying goes. 
The sun was out and the temps were reasonable decent, but that damned wind out of the Northwest was just miserable. So I blew off the morning run and even then Bennie wasn't too thrilled about walking too far in this crap.

Which meant a 5:15 PM trip to Planet Fitness on the way home...right at the peak time. Yep, I got there and had to wait for a treadmill for over 10 minutes...not good, but the way it is. If I want to get the run in, I gotta wait.

Okay, while waiting I thought about what I really want to do for a workout and settled doing a 3.0 mile tempo run ending up around 5.0 miles. I want to do one of these every couple of weeks and make it a little faster, until I am doing faster than race pace stuff on the treadmill (something under 7:00's for the 3.0 miles).

Like the experts say you gotta run at race pace in practice if you want to run those paces during a race. Since I am focusing more on the 5K than anything else, this type of training I have done this week has worked for me in the past and really helps me with that mental prep part that goes along with running at race pace or faster, which sometimes gets to me at the 1.5 to 2.25 (my dead spot) points in a 5K race.

So I did:

  • 1.0 @ 7.3 mph - warm-up
  • 2.0 @ 8.1 mph
  • 0.5 @ 8.2 mph
  • 0.5 @ 8.6 mph
  • 0.51 @ 7.2 mph - cool-down

I was going to do the full 5.0, but just ran out of time, if I wanted to get home and eat supper at 6:30 with Mary, something I don't get to do all that often during the week, with my normal work schedule, so I make it point when I can - I do.

The first 2.5 miles felt comfortable at a sub 7:30 pace, then I got a little stupid (not too bad) and kicked it up to race pace for the last half mile. I was surprised that I was able to kick it up at this point in the season, without hacking out a lung or something ;-).

However, by the time I got to the end, I was definitely ready for the cool-down! It didn't hurt bad like a race can, but it did get my attention and made me focus on moving my ass, errr using my glutes more than I do when running slower - I have a feeling that at least on the treadmill when I run faster, my stride is different and that I have more of a forefoot/midfoot landing style.

Actually, I was surprised that I had this high of a quality run in January. Being able to bump up to where I want my full 5K race pace to be for a half a mile,  after already running 2.5 miles at sub 7:30 pace this early was pretty good for an old fart.

It gives me hope for a decent season, as long as I do not get too stoopid and get to thinking I am something I am not. Yeah, gotta remember I ain't a pup anymore or that I am not the next great masters runner (dream on Harold) - hard to do sometimes when I forget and get to thinking I can still run those "more interesting" times that are a part of my fantasy. hehehhee, just gotta laugh at the ramblings of an old fool.

Remember, keep that one foot in reality - Harold   :-)

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  1. Are you ready for snowmageddon 2016?!

    Your running continues to inspire me. Awesome work as usual.

    By the way, and this is really random and a product of delirium for sure (just worked on blogging stuff), but you strava feed's running maps on your sidebar look like they spell "polp". Not sure why that made me laugh, but it did.


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