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Monday, January 25, 2016

Harold Being Harold Runs - RunLog 1-25-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yeah, that's right "runs", the plural form of run. I did a double today and yeah it was one of those Harold being Harold things, that tends to happen all too often, when I ain't paying attention to things like I probably should.

 Run #1

Bennie and I ran down to Pepin Way, if really didn't feel like we were going all that fast. Actually, I thought that the times were going to be closer to a 9:30 pace going out. Especially, once we hit the lower part of Pepin Way - where it tends to get a little icy and stays that way until it melts off the tar.

There were a lot of places where we, well I kind of tiptoed through the black ice and icy patches.

How it was on the lower section, some patches clear, other parts just a bit slippery.

While we were running back up the bitch, of course cars came from both directions and we had to jump into the ditch, because the one coming down the hill at us wasn't slowing down that much. However, to be fair, they had just crested the top and didn't know we were there and did slow down as they got closer to us. Of course they were both neighbors and I could seem them both smiling and waving as we waded out into the ditch.

They were probably thinking - there goes that crazy old bastid and his dog running up that damn hill again.

After getting up over the bitch, we did pick up the pace a little bit, but I didn't have a clue that it was going to be that much.

The paces and how they felt, surprised me more than a little.

Run #2

I decided earlier in the day that I was going to go run on the treadmill for a bit before work, I figured that if I did another 3 or so at 8:30 to 9:00 minute pace, it would be a pretty good day.

Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit too good and that or so, became an extra 2.0 miles at a lot faster pace than I had planned.

Once I got going, my legs loosened up and even though I had finished off the rest of the Oriental Food from last night, less than an hour before I got on the treadmill, it didn't seem to be bothering me too much...

Well until the last mile, when I started to pass some gas and quickly did the hard cheek clench, before it became a shart. I wasn't sure about how long I would last, before I had to get off the treadmill, but I made it to 5.0 and then quick-stepped back to the locker room.

Yeah, I know TMI, but hey that is just a part of running and we all deal with that clenched cheek feeling at one point or another. Well don't we hehehheehee :-)

I did a lot more and quite a bit faster than I had planned, but the body told me to keep going, so I did. However, I could tell when I got to work that I had done a bit too much and that afternoon nap that I used to be able to take with Bennie in the afternoon, sure as hell would been nice this afternoon.

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