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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My 200th Post Since I Returned to Blogger-Reflection

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yeah, I have published 200 posts since I returned to Blogger last August. It doesn't seem like that many, but at the same time my return to Blogger was an important step for me.

It was where I really started to look at things differently than I have in the past.

Instead of always looking for the "next" cool, big or cheapest way of doing things, I started to focus more on what works best for me and the way I actually do things.

What has changed since I returned to Blogger.


I like Google.  There I said it.

Yes, I know that they collect all kinds of data about my online activities and you voluntarily give up some privacy when you use their "free" products. Guess what, in today's ever-connected world you do whenever you use any commercial product on your computer, phone or electronic device and often other places as well.

Google's applications do what I want and how I want to do it.

Oh yeah, I am using a 2012 Samsung Series 5-550 Chromebook as my primary computer and letting my i5 reasonably specced Windows 10 laptop languish on top of my bureau. I like the Chromebook enough that I ordered a 2015 Toshiba Chromebook 2 (Celeron) and was willing to back-order it - something that in the past I never would have done.

Me back-order something and being willing wait to get what I really wanted instead of settling for something on sale or a model from a couple of years ago on close-out. However, I know that I will be glad to get it, so hopefully the Toshiba ships as scheduled on the 14th.

Running Shoes

I have gone from being a running shoe whore, using the newest and best I could beg, borrow or buy, so that I could keep up that fantasy of being a RunBlogger and thinking that my running shoe reviews were a necessary part of my blogging. I finally gave it up and I went all-in with Pearl Izumi running shoes in October, you know running shoes that don't hurt my feet when I run in them.

The kind of shoes that I have been looking for, for so long that when I found them, I didn't know what to do - they actually worked for me. So of course I had to stop using them and keep looking around. Looking back I can see how dumb I was, but sometimes you have to walk away from something to figure out how good they actually were for you.

That is the case with Pearl Izumi running shoes. I liked running in the Pearl Izumi shoes enough that I applied for and was accepted to be a Pearl Izumi Run Champion for 2016 and yes, I am excited about it.

Oh yeah, my running seems to be more relaxed and I don't have all those pressures to "do" what everyone is doing now. Now I just run for me and what makes me happy, not what is going to make me more...well you know those old dreams.

Back to Work

Going back to work was not easy and it took about three months to get my feet under me. The big thing that I had to figure out was that while what you did before might help you get the job once you step through the door - you gotta do the job you were hired to do. The ego can get in the way of things and you have to learn to let the past go and focus on now and where you want to go in the future.

In other words let go of who you were or what you did and give the job you have the respect it deserves.


Yeah, I still consider blogging to fill an important niche in my life, but it is not my life or how I make a living. I no longer care about going out and reviewing multitudes of running shoes/gear and all the other stuff, I will leave that to Sam, Tom, Pete and all the other runbloggers who work their asses off to give us great information on new trends, shoes and gear for us to run in.

Me, I will be on the sidelines, doing an occasional gear/shoe review on stuff that I use on a day-to-day basis, writing about my daily runs, gabbing/whining about the stuff I get to do around the house, what tech I am using lately and anything else that I decide to write about.

That a day in the life of Harold being Harold.

I am not worried about stats, hit rate, bounce rate, etc., (though it is cool that a certain number of people chose to read my blog from time-to-time), if I piss off a brand by writing honestly about my experiences with their gear or if somebody decides to stop reading my blog because I write about more than just xxxxx.

That is their problem, I don't plan to change what I am doing to please them.

Also if someone stops reading my blog because I don't cross my i's and dot my t's appropriately that is cool too. Yeah the Grammar police can go stomp on somebody who gives a shit about what they say.

Others have noticed that my writing has become a lot more relaxed and more of me is showing through. However, I also know that I have purposely chosen not to be controversial, political or religious and only give limited glimpses of things that I hold as true and will continue doing that. Many of my opinions and beliefs are just that - mine and they are private. I plan to keep most of them that way.

So if you are looking for me to give much more about me than I do now, you will be disappointed.

The reality is that

I actually am beginning to simplify my life (it took a long time to get to this point) and while I have been on that road for a while, but I never got to this level until I came back here and put One Foot back In Reality. :-) Yeah, I know but I couldn't resist.

Returning to Blogger and One Foot In Reality as my primary blog are not the reasons that I have made many of these changes. No, I would like to believe that they would have happened anyway and were part of the direction that I was heading. However, it does seem that the return here was an impetus for me noticing things that I was doing and happening in my life more clearly than I did before.

I am getting an opportunity to do things that I like to do, while not being distracted as much by things that really do not matter.

The big thing is that I am getting to be - more me.

A good thing, a very good thing.


  1. Wow - already 200 posts back here. Time flies :)

    I think that beyond simplifying you seem to be 'harmonizing' things - not in a 'group hug' sort of way, but finding the more compact and efficient way to plow through things - working with Google's ecosystem is one thing as it allows you to focus on what you need and 'right-size' your personal operations.

    And I agree - I am not so efficient (as the iPad Pro in front of me can attest!), but rather than trying to always have the latest and greatest, this year I am trying to focus on making what I already have work and work better. Like games - I just replayed Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (already 12 years old) and started Neverwinter Nights 2 (which turns 10 this year). I have *so many* unfinished games in my library, why get more? Same for hardware - my goal is for the Garmin FR225 I have to see the start of 2017 on my wrist without buying another watch.

    And I agree with you on blogging - not sure if I will do something again this year, but my desire to do what DCRainmaker or RunBlogger do for their reviews has gone :)

    I had to laugh about the 'back to work' thing - because I total get what you're saying. Corning has a large network of former employees who come back after retirement, and often fill the roles of junior employees, which has to be challenging since I have worked with a former division manager who was basically doing data entry and sample management for the team. :)

    Personally I am glad that the blog still works for you and fits within your lifestyle.

    1. Thank you Mike

      I like that harmonizing idea and I think that is what I am doing a lot more of. Making things in my life work together better and fit what I do, versus simply making thing work whether they actually do or were designed to be used that way, just because I want them to.

      The only thing that I really miss about the Chromebook is not being able to play NWN2 or some of the others that I have, but really I don't have a lot of time for those right now, so it isn't a big deal. I still have my ASUS and can turn it on and wait for all the updates and other stuff to process and then play my games. Yeah, I have a feeling I won't be getting to much more tech after I get the Toshiba for a while. I don't really need it and what I have is working just fine.

      I think as bloggers we all secretly want to do the reviews gig, get noticed by the brands and land some cushy blogging job that allows us a little extra financial freedom or even enough to fund your passion, without the wife complaining about the budget you are getting into. After all, you are getting paid to do this stuff ;-) heheehehe

      The back to work thing was something I didn't really expect to be as big of a problem as I let it become (no it didn't affect my work or how I interacted with people there, it was more my ego going what in the hell are doing wasting your time here for, you used to be x and do y. I have gotten over it and am enjoying what I do, it just took a little attitude re-adjustment.

      Now to get you back to blogging, just go at it with what you want to share, relax and let the words find their way out into cyberspace again. Write what you want and enjoy the ride, blogging is a great release and let's you get what you want out of your head. Although I decided long ago that some things need to stay there, even though I would love to spout off about how I really feel on more than a few things - I just let it ride and keep smiling, sharing mostly what is fluff and nutter, not always meat and potatoes. Just easier on the noggin sometimes.


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