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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Running Down-Back Again - RunLog 1-23-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well we lucked out, that is for sure!!! The big blizzard that hammered most of the east coast today, missed us by a few hundred miles. I am not minimizing how bad Winter Storm Jonas is, but being honest, I am not complaining about it staying to the south either.

Although I am sure we will get our opportunities later, but I kinda hope that is the last "big" storm of this winter, but with the weather nowadays, you just never know.

So what did Bennie and I end up running today...Down-back.

Yes, we went down-back and it was just about perfect for running, there was just enough crunch in the road that my PI N1 Trails were able to get a pretty good grip most of the time, so I wasn't slipping and sliding around to bad.

However, the temps when we ran were around 8*F and the wind chills were sub-zero, so it was still a bit chilly. So we didn't linger around in any one spot for too long.

Although Bennie somehow managed to wrap the leash around my legs in this area, so that I got a good close-up of the road conditions. Damn dawg ;-)

Other than that it was just cold and uneventful.  We turned around at Bartlett and the I let Bennie decide whether we were going to stop at just over 3.0 or if we were going to do another mile. Although his legs were shivering a little, he chose to keep running and we did pickup the pace, since the roads were clear.

Even though he pitched a fit, we stopped at 4.0, it was time to get him in the house, we had been out for over a 30 minutes and in those temps, I don't want to keep him out any longer.

However, I finally figured out the right jacket to run in when it is colder. My two regular running jackets are just a little too thin - they are just wind shells and I have been miserable when the temps are single digit or lower. I started using my fall jacket that has a liner, has a hood, isn't too tight and it is perfect for cold weather running.

I thought seriously about heading into Planet Fitness and doing another 6.0 miles on the treadmill, but instead I got good and comfortable in my easy chair threw a blanket over the two of us and took a nice long nap after lunch.

What do you want?
It was the right choice :-)

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