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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Trail Run & Then Long on The Treadmill - RunLog 1-2-15

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Okay, Bennie and I went on a little adventure this morning, we didn't have a lot of time (maybe 1-2 miles), so I decided that we would do the Colby Upper Trails. I wasn't sure about what kind of conditions we would find, but I figured that there wouldn't be too many people in there traipsing around.

Looking Down Mayflower Hill towards Waterville - just is a gorgeous sight.
Initially I thought this ain't gonna be fun, when we turned right the trail suddenly morphed into trying to stay off the ski tracks and hopping through where the snowshoers had gone, but there was still a lot breaking through a lot of crusty stuff.

Needless to say, I could tell my heart rate was getting going pretty good, so it was a good thing it was at the start of the run, where Bennie tends to stop and do his business more. It gave the old body a chance to slow-up a little and calm the h/r down to more acceptable levels.

Thankfully, we only met one other group, so there were not too many people there when we were. However, once we got over to the main trails, you can see that they were pretty well travelled.

However, we never picked up the pace, until we got back on the tar and past the ice. We just ran along enjoying the scenery, letting Bennie pick where he needed to sniff and mark. Neither one of us was ready to stop, but we had places to be, so it was a quick do it and get it done.

Run #2

I was going to do a double-digit run into Augusta, but when I checked the temps and stuff, it was below my long run cut-off of 25*F with the wind chills.

Yes, I can run in colder temps and will regularly for shorter runs, but when I do my long runs solo, there is considerably less margin for error and I have to think safety first. I have danced too many times with Hypothermia on long runs and have developed my own levels of what I will and will not do when running by myself.

That meant double-digits on the treadmill.

Now for some of you, I know that would be torture beyond belief. Luckily, I don't mind the treadmill and find it a useful tool, to safely get my miles in - the added benefit is that I get to do it in shorts and a t-shirt.

However, I do have to play my music, turn-off the TV (I hate watching the TV while running on the treadmill) and do mental gymnastics to keep going, especially after I get to the 30:00 minute point. That is when the body, starts to tell me it is time stop and go do something else. I have just about a half hour attention span it seems.

Today was no different and that 30:01-59:59 was a constant battle to keep going.

Then the treadmill stopped at 60:00.

Damn, I had forgotten that they have an hour reset programmed into the treadmills. Shit, crap, damn and a bunch of other words, that I tend to use when I get a little annoyed by something. Luckily, I was depending on my Garmin not the treadmill for my distance and all I had to do was re-start the treadmill.

Still, well errr I know now to anticipate the 60:00 minute reset timer.

The last few miles my playlist started to get good, so after 5.0 miles I did increase the pace by .1 each mile. Part of the reasoning, was to get it over with a little quicker, the other the music was helping to pace me better. I did pick up the pace at the end unexpectedly, when the DropKick Murphy's came on I'm Shipping Up To Boston - one of my favorite songs to run to. I just can't run slower when that song is on :-).

Overall, two very different runs and I came away from both of them feeling very good.

The other part is that I am really liking the N1 Road v2's a lot!! My feet didn't bother and I wasn't worried about my how they were going to feel as I went through miles 6-10, which is where I generally start to really run into problems with other running shoes. So that was a good thing.

Yes, I worked up a damn good sweat and it was dripping off me as I was trying to take the photo.

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