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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weather is a bit Nicer - RunLog 1-24-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well, the weather up heah is starting to break, it was 19*F with only 15-20 mph winds out of the north, so still chilly, but at least bearable to be outside - for the most part. Especially, when the wind was at our backs.

I still can't believe that that huge storm went completely to the south of us and all we got were some clouds - yep we lucked out.

The nicer weather meant that Bennie was full of piss and vinegar (he's sleeping nicely right now in my lap) during the run.

Yep, we went down-back again and while I really am not comfortable going very fast on the snow/ice down there, being attached to a spastic dawg, who has a different agenda during our runs than I do, it was still nice to be running down there.

We went over to the town office and you could see, where the coyotes, deer, bigger cat (lynx or bobcat I think), turkeys, other dogs and people (we have at least one trapper) have been messing around down there.

The N1 Trails did just fine and then when we got back up on top, we noticed that Mary was still running, so we caught up with her and it was fun to run with TheWife for a change. She was going to do another mile and we needed just under a half to finish up the 10k, so we just went straight when she turned around.

Yeah, running on the packed snow is a LOT tougher than running on the bare tar, but that is part of the fun I think. I do know that my legs, achilles and ankles are a lot more sore after 6.0 miles than 8-10 on the treadmill. Plus I can't zone out down there, especially when I am attached to Bennie ;-) .


  1. You have a lot more snow on the ground than we do in the Boston area. We got about 6-8" from the last storm, but had next to nothing on the ground before that.
    I ran Saturday and Sunday for a combined 16.6 miles, which is a lot for me over a weekend.
    I definitely got to test out my cold weather gear!

    1. Andy - not a lot more and it has just been colder that is all. That is more miles than I have done in a weekend in a while. You done good Andy.

  2. There definitely is something fun about running in the snow. I haven't braved it just yet, but hopefully tomorrow!

    Running with my wife is always more fun than running solo!

    1. Running in a new snow upta a couple of inches can be magical and so relaxing, more than that it starts to become serious work. It also works the muscles slightly differently and you will feel little aches and pains that you usually don't. Yeah, running with the wife is nice, but she doesn't like to run with me very often, I tend to push the pace a little much and don't realize it. ;-) First world runnah problems hehehehe


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