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Friday, January 1, 2016

What Comes Next in 2016

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

2016 has arrived, so what are the things that I want to accomplish this year?

The view down-back on 12/31/15 looking up Stevens' Hill. It just seems an appropriate image to start 2016 since I run down there so much of the time with Bennie Bean.
Since I write mostly about running here, that will be the focus of this post with a few outliers.


No specific or S.M.A.R.T. goals other than fairly realistic or natural ones that I think most runners have:

  • Run a lot - I ran 2,001 miles in 2015 and I think that if I matched that total it would be a lot of running, but I am not going to get caught up in setting that as a goal and putting artificial pressure on myself to get that many miles in 2016. I didn't enjoy the feeling of "having to" run more during December while attempting to get to 2,015. I was tired and needed a break which I didn't really give myself, since I had a goal that I needed to achieve. This year I just want to run consistently and if I get to 2,000 miles good, if I get to 1,500 good. As long as I run healthy and without long stretches of time not running - I will run a lot.
  • Break my Post-55 Personal Records for any distance. Yeah, everyone wants PR's and I am no different. However, I also know that my real PR's for distances I have run when I was younger are not in danger and have moved to Post-55 ones, just as a matter of reality. Otherwise, I have to either run distances that I never used to run officially or never break another PR. Yes, when I turn 60 in 2017, I will have a new batch of PR's to set...its called old fart motivation.
  • Not get injured. No runner wants to be injured and not be able to run.
  • Be an asset not an ass as part of the Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team. I still have a hard time with the me being part of a "Run Champions" team (that they can't be talking about me thang), because I am not all that great of a runner. Just old, stubborn and lucky once in a while, but I will do my best to represent Pearl Izumi properly over the course of 2016.
  • Running Shoes. Yeah, this has probably gone from something I wonder about, to a pretty fixed brand, especially since I agreed to be a part of the PI Run Champions Team. The models may change, but I don't see me running in any other brand for the next year - at least.
  • Eat Healthier. Yeah right, but gotta keep trying and the juicer does at least make me think about it.
  • Stay in size 30 pants. I don't really worry about the weight or waist line from Thanksgiving to New Year's and I find by New Year's I am back into size 32's. Time to get back to it.
  • Start doing Yoga again. I did Yoga at Champions until I started working and it seemed to make a big difference in my running injury-free, so I need to start using the video I got for that purpose at least 3 times a week.
  • Lifting weights.  Yeah right...I keep saying that I will, but it is sporadic at best and I dislike lifting, just being real.
  • Re-join Central Maine Striders. I purposely let my membership lapse last year, now it is time to renew and get back to being a member again.

The biggest things that I want to accomplish with my running in 2016 - is to just run, meet great people and have fun with my running. If I am able to do those three things, my 2016 will be a great year.


See how the Toshiba Chromebook 2, I will be getting works for me, then make the 5-550 into my travelling companion and see if the ASUS T300 will find a new owner (either in the family or by selling it).

Keep using the Garmin 310XT, even with some of its little annoyances, it does everything that I want from my GPS watch. As a back-up I keep my old Garmin FR10 in the truck with a charger, for those those times I am not wearing the 310 and have an opportunity to squeeze in a run somewhere.

However, my running is not ruled by my technology - I like the convenience of the GPS watch/apps, online running logs (Strava) and the like, but my primary and official running logs are a spreadsheet and this blog. I am going to continue to write about my running here and poking fun at myself.

Although if I get fed up with things I have a Paper running log sitting on my bureau that I keep - just in case all the technology in the world suddenly goes to shit for a while and I need to keep track of my running the old-fashioned way.

The reality is that

I really do not want to set goals right now. I want to see where the New Year leads, how I am feeling, what the Pearl Izumi Team membership will entail and how my working will continue to impact my running before I go setting any goals.

Also I have to accept that some things are not realistic for me and my body as I get older and my hammies (and other body parts) keep barking at me from all the abuse I have subjected them to over the "good old, bad old days".

As much as I might want a sub 20:00 5K or to run a BQ marathon, have I lost too much of my speed and stamina that those or other goals are no longer something I can do? Based on 2015's results and experiences I have a feeling that is the case. I do know that if I do still want to go after those things...well it won't be something that just happens like it used to. There will be a lot more of training, eating and running smahtah - something that I am not all that good at. So these may be things that are simply pipe dreams and I need to move on from them - finally.

Yes, getting older does make a difference and as much as I hate it, it means that I have to do or look some things very differently than I have in the past.

Just the way it is, but you gotta have a sense of humor about it, because at least I can still do more than I and many others believe I can.

Can't stop, won't stop.

So until I get things figured out, I plan to keep doing my weekly running routine, stay around 40 miles a week, do some trail running, road running, a few races here or there, but most of all keep smiling and taking the next step on that journey of a 1,000,000 miles.

It is a good thing.

Hmmm where are those new running shoes Bennie, we gotta get ready for our first run of 2016. "Where do you want to go?" Down-back and see if we can find that....okay, okay I get it, shut-up, shut-down the computer and get our asses out the door!!!!"

"Let's go 2016 awaits and the grand adventure begins - again."

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